What is Tutorial-z.com ?

               As you can see, tutorial-z.com is an website where you can find the most detailed tutorials on the web. My name is C. Andrei and I’ve made this website in the summer of 2009. At that time I was a beginner in 3DS max but this wasn’t a problem to stop me and I was learning many things by helping others. When they had some problems and even when I didn’t knew the answer, I was searching the answer on the web for them, and for me. I think that anyone should have access to education, for free. If you cannot afford to go to a private school to learn what you like, at least you can learn on the web. Its true that learning all of this alone, is 10 times harder but if you have enough will, nothing can stop you. When I started to use 3DS Max, I followed some basic tutorials but it wasn’t enough, because in most of them, the author tells you what to do, but here, on tutorial-z.com, we are explaining to our readers what to do, but we are also explain what are they doing.

               I will give you an example : I want to learn Flash, especially coding, but I cannot find an website were I can learn that. All I have found are those tutorials where the author tells you only to copy and paste the code into your document. Well, this is not a good way to learn, because I want to know what that code means. Maybe I want to do something by myself.

              I’ve said “we” because in the last time I was helped by some of my website readers to build this website by writing more tutorials and I will appreciate if more people will join us.

              Last year we had some donations from some readers who really appreciate our efforts to bring you this detailed tutorials and we used all donations to improve the website, to pay the hosting service, to buy a template, etc. All donations are used to improve the website.

              As I said earlier, I am looking for people to join us and make tutorial-z.com bigger and bigger. The efforts will be rewarded.

If you really appreciate our work and want to help us to maintain the website alive you can help us with a small donation.
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