We are selling tutorials

Yes, its true. We are making tutorials for our website but also for others.Just send an email at admin@tutorial-z.com and let me know what kind of articles you need

Are you an article writer and want to sell your articles on our website ?

If yes, then continue to read. To sell an article on our website, you need to have at least 5 tutorials posted on our website. If you don’t want to post on our website, there is another way to sell them : we will charge 20% of any tutorial sold. The money will be used like until know : to improve the website, to pay the hosting service, to make contests with prizes, etc …


– All tutorials posted on the “webmasters” page will be verified by our trusted team.

– Before buying a tutorial, send us and email to let us know what tutorial you want to buy, we will double check for you . Use the contact page

– All payments will be made manually, this is why I am telling you to send us and email before buying a tutorial

For more questions, use the contact page.

If you really appreciate our work and want to help us to maintain the website alive you can help us with a small donation.
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  • You might need re-read this because it is hard to understand. After reading 4 times, I cant figure it out.

    • I have modify it. Sorry , this is an old post. Before I wanted to open a shop , where anyone can sell tutorials and articles

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