vRay basic studio setup – beginner tutorial

So, an user from our forum requested this tutorial and since there aren’t such tutorials on our website, why not, I decided to make it.
One of his question was : how to make that grey background.

1. First lets put a model into our scene, so make a teapot with the same radius as me :


2. As a background we will use a plane. So, make a simple plane under the


3. Convert the plan into an editable poly then grab the back edges, hold the shift button and drag them up a little bit a couple of times :


4. Smooth the plane and you should have a bended background :). Then apply a standard material on it :


5. If we will render our teapot right now, you will see that there isn’t a very big difference between the viewport view and the render


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9 Comments on "vRay basic studio setup – beginner tutorial"

  • snaggleking

    holy **** that teapot looks so real, I didn’t do any of those camera setting when i plopped my camera in lol, deffo have to revisit all my camera and lights before I render mr sackboy and give this tut a go

  • snaggleking

    oh and thanks btw lol it should come in v handy for me

    • Thanks for the feedback 😀 I am glad you like it 😀 . I guess that the final render is a little bit too washed out. If you want to try something :
      – add a wither color on the background plane
      – increase a little bit the multiplier of the vray lights

      You should get a better result than mine 😉


  • Spyke

    Hy , i would gladly like to know how to import materials from http://www.vray-materials.de/all_materials.php?mat=1170. I;ve been struggling since i found this website. Also on page two says to “check the following tutorial” but i can’t seem to find it. Thx in advance, te salut ! Spyke

  • Spyke
    • Sorrry , I forgot to add the link 😛 . Now its fixed


    Can you please help me to how i can apply the materials.


    Can you please help me to how i can apply the materials

  • Alvian G. Sagita

    Hi, thanks for the lesson.
    Do you have a .pdf version of this tutorial so I can read it when I offline?