Unwrap a character in 3DS Max – Sackboy tutorial

30. As you can see, now I will allign the vertices :

31. I know that I’ve said that all squares should be equals but we will solve the problems on the neck a little bit later. Now we will make body using the same technique. Now just select the entire part of the head that we just made and drag him out of the texturing square and then start to unwrap the body. There are the same steps like for the head. Here you have some images to help you :

32. Now just align the vertices and be sure that the squares are equals. By the way, at the bottom of the body I will not unwrap that small part because first of all its not visible and second it will be a little bit hard to texture (check the first image to see about what part I’m talking). Just be sure that all squares from the body are equals :

33. The next part that we will do is the arms. It will be useles to explain the same thins because there are the same steps like before. Just pick a part of the arm then weld the other parts and then try to make the same pattern on the entire arm.I will not unwrap the fingers, only the arm and then I will unwrap the fingers too. Like always, here you have some images to help you :

34. Try to make the seam (the green line) at the interior of the hand:

35. Now be sure that the pattern is uniform on the hand and everything will be ok. . Here is what I have after almost 2 hours of work. trust me, dont be discouraged if you will not finish the arm in 5-10 minutes. Trust me, I took vertex by vertex to make it as it should. This is what I have (the vertices doesn’t need to be aligned to make a good pattern. This works only for the standard shapes but for organic ones it will not work every time) :

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3 Comments on "Unwrap a character in 3DS Max – Sackboy tutorial"

  • snaggleking

    Hey Andrei, I finally finished unwrapping this, I gotta say I’ve struggled with the hands and legs a bit but it’s my first time, I learnt a little on textures so I can start to create my own and then I need to master some lighting.
    Overall I think this is a great tutorial and I appreciate it, this type of stuff interests me personally more than cars.
    Keep up the great stuff dude

    • First I want to thank you (you know why)
      The second this : I don;t like making cars either but it was (and still is) a very demanded category and I wanted to provide some better tutorials than my competitors (other websites) .
      This weekend I am planning to start a new series of tutorials, about the modeling of a lowpoly turret (making the lowpoly model, high poly model, baking the maps, creating the textures, etc) .

      I am sure that you will like it 😉 . Stay close 😉

      • snaggleking

        Haha, found your password then lol, your of course very welcome

        I’ve learnt a lot in in just a couple of weeks, but need to know more before I can show what I have made sadly.

        New tut idea sounds good….i’ll do anything that doesnt have a hand or leg to unwrap lol. I just made a new post in the forum, when you have created your textures and finished it would be cool if you could guide us beginners on how to capture a great shot wit lighting and render techniques.

        I certainly would appreciate it

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