Speaker texturing tutorial – explained very well

This is the second part from :”Speaker Modeling tutorial” but now we will move forward, and we will make the texture. We will use bump, maybe displace, materials, textures and I will also show you how to use unwrap UVW’s . You need to unwrap uvw’s when you want to make a texture more detailed on an objects. So, open your document with the speaker and we will start with the wooden box. We can pick up a texture and apply directly on the object, but soon you will need to make some objects with a custom texture. Example : on a box, you need to write something only on a single face, and then you will need to unwrap the uvw :) . I will be always here to help anyone. If you didn’t followed the tutorial, check the download page to download the file. (it works only in 3DS Max 2010) . If you have an older version, you need to follow the las tutorial. We will make the textures and will render the speaker using Vray.

1. Hide everything but keep the box in the viewport because we need to unwrap the uvw’s. Select the box, then go to the modifier list and select “Unwrap UVW”. Them, choose “Face” from the submenu (click on that little +).

2. You need to click on the “Face” because now you can select the polygons. Select all the polygons from the speaker’s box (you can press CTRL + A to select them all) :

3. After you have select all the polygons, press on the edit button

4. A window like below will appear. Keep the faces selected :

5. In that new window, go to Mapping > Flatten Mapping and press ok.

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5 Comments on "Speaker texturing tutorial – explained very well"

  • William Romero

    Man…I really NEED to learn how to do this because I have an idea (in my head) and design for some speakers that I want to patent. BUT I couldn’t find the Orthographic view setting!! I’m extremely new to this…I have 3ds Max 9. I went to different sites & looked up how to get Orthographic view like you say after “editable poly” & cannot find or get it! Help!! I need to make these speakers!!!
    Other than that, I really appreciate you taking the time to do this tutorial…please let me know what I’m doing wrong! I’ve right clicked on upper left corner of perspective view & clicked all over the place to find the same menu where it says: cameras, lights & then perspective & orthographic under it & so on…help. williamromero.sex69@yahoo.com

    • this ia why we have a forum. If you need an account, use the contact settings and give me your Username and a password that you want to have on the forum . The account are made manually by me (the password can be changed after)

  • I really enjoyed this tutorial. Much better than the first.

    • I’m glad you liked it. There will be more tutorials posted soon and if you will check the premium tutorials, you will be even more amazed :)

  • Tluangtea

    texturing in step 3 there is no parameters edit icon im using Max 2012 help how can i edit 😀


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