Test your texturing skills

As the title says, this is a contest or a challenge between users to put to the test their imagination. The main objective of this challenge is to create a texture for the Ford Escort Mk1 RS1600. I’m providing you the template which can be downloaded from our FORUM.
How to sign up for this contest :
You need an account on our forum, because the results will be posted there and I will make a vote poll for your work

If you want to make a texture that need to fit on several parts, READ THIS ARTICLE

DEADLINE : November 29 2013

Submit your work :

– Send your template to contest@tutorial-z.com. YOU CAN SUBMIT ONLY 1 TEMPLATE
– Also, you need to provide your username (nickname) that you have on the forum, because each work will be rendered with the name of the user near the car
Other things to know :
– Click HERE to see the wheels that will be used on the car. You can specify in your submission the color of the rims, or you can simply send a material
– You can also create your own material with your own custom reflections, or matte material and you can provide it when you will submit your work
– Save your template as a .TGA or .Tiff file
– You can download from our forum a scene to test your materials

If you want to crate your own car from scratch, you can find the tutorials on our website. For this car, you have 3 chapters : Exterior modeling, Interior modeling, and Texturing tutorial. The tutorials can be found in the 3DS Max category or on the front page (for the moment)

For any other questions, use the contact page or the forum :)

The car will be rendered like this, and maybe from the side too :


This contest is closed and you can see the results on the forum

If you really appreciate our work and want to help us to maintain the website alive you can help us with a small donation.
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2 Comments on "Test your texturing skills"

  • Hey,

    The deadline has been over a month now and I still have’nt seen the renders :(
    Whats going on ?

    • Hi Robert,

      I will post the results this week because I have been very busy in the last time. Besides, there are only two users who subscribed to our challenge. I will post the results in a couple of days and I will also make a poll :)

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