Table cloth modeling tutorial

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a table cloth in 3ds max. You can use this tutorial to create bed sheets, clothes, and anything similar to this.The result of our tutorial:

1. So, i have this table. Its not necessary to be a round table.

2. Make a square plane like me :

3. Now its the part when everyone will put a different setting. At “Lenghts Segs” i have put 25 and the same number at “Width Segs”. You can put the same settings like me, but i didnt put too many segments because i will apply a turbosmooth.

4. Put the plane above de table

5. In the “modifier menu”, choose “turbosmooth” and at “Literations” put 2 and will be enough. Or if u want a better quality put 3 or 4 but its not necessary. By the way, I’ve made the plane a little bit smaller. A smaller size not a smaller number of polygons because I didnt notice that the plane will be too big.

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  • Nakiel

    I’m from Poland, and I’ve just start my adventure with 3D – this is first website, what very good explain me a lot of new stuff. Really good site, and tutorial!

    • thanks :) , don’t forget that we have a forum and if you need help , we are there :)

  • shahryar

    thank a lot man…. amazing….. 😀

  • Jake

    Thank you so much, its really helpfull 😀 thanks again and waiting for ur news !

  • Iliyan

    Thank you.

  • narender

    Nice..nit only nice..its too gd..awesom….grt n easy to understand..Thnx..

  • Sana

    Thank you for this awsmm tutorial….:)

  • saied

    Hello C.Andrei,
    I tried several time and finally I failed don’t know why but some times it didn’t just nothing some times the cloth fly up

  • saied

    is it some thing by Gravity? mine is -980 or unit that in my case it is metric and don’t know more what else the problem could be .
    thanks for your helps


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