Steampunk Sword – 3DS Max modeling tutorial

Hi again . I am C. Andrei, the administrator of the website and in this tutorial I will show you (as I promised) how to model a steampunk sword. In this tutorial I will show you ONLY how to model it. If you want to texture it please take a look at other tutorials or if you need help, we have a forum for this :) . Anyway, it is a very easy and very well explained tutorial so even a beginner can do it. Don’t ask for help in comments, I will help anyone on the forum.

1. We will start by cutting the image with the sword. We will not use it very much but we can use it as a reference for the bigger details. So, open the image using Photoshop or another image editing software. I am using the same an old Photoshop CS3 but its the same thing :). So, select the sword like I did :

2. Now make a new file with the same size as your selected area. To see the size of the selected area you can switch to the “Info” tab. By the way, you will have a different size but doesn’t matter, the steps are the same :) . So, in my case, I will make a new file 241 x 708, you will use your own dimension .

3. Drag your selected area to the new file and then save it. To save it, go to File > Save For Web & Devices and then press the save button.

4. From this step we will move to 3DS Max. For this project I am using only 2 viewports in 3DS Max but you can use 4. If you want to change to 2 viewports, just click on the small “+” from the left upper corner of each viewport , then go to > “Configure Viewports” and in the “Layout” tab pick your desired display.

5. In the “Front” viewport, we will make a plane. The dimension of the plane will be the same as the dimension of the blueprint. In my case the plane will be 708(H) x 241 (W). For the “Lenght Segs” and “Width Segs” use 1. I have disabled to grid in 3DS Max. You can do this by pressing the “G” button on your keyboard:

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24 Comments on "Steampunk Sword – 3DS Max modeling tutorial"

  • thank you for your tutorial,you is my idol :)

    • Thanks 😀 . Don’t forget that if you need help, you can find me on the forum

  • M.H

    I congratulate you,
    FANTASTIC tutorial

  • Bruno Torres

    Nice Tutorial !

  • Kimmo Qvist

    A very detailed tutorial indeed… thank you!

    I had forgotten the basic skills I used to have many years ago and this tutorial polished my memory! 😀

    I would like if you could also tell the hotkeys you are using when you explain the modelling.


  • Marcelo

    Man! Your turorial is very nice!!

    Help me in one thing:
    50. Add some thickness… how!?


    • Thank you, I am glad that you like my tutorials :)

      if you have made that object using the line tool, check the modifier menu of the line.

      You need to find the “Rendering” menu (by default is the first one). Then , check these boxes :

      “Enable in Renderer”
      “Enable in Viewport”

      then modify the value in the “Thickness” box

      • Marcelo

        Sorry about my questions, but I’m a beginner…

        How can I make my presure gauge so rounded like in the image 75C ?

        My presure gauge is the same in the image 75B…

        Thank u!

        • Select the pressure gauge > go to the modifier list > choose meshsmooth or turbosmooth (I’m always using meshsmooth) and at Iterations you can adjust the smoothness. We also have a forum. Next time, please use it :) .

          • Marcelo

            Thx man!!! I got it!
            This is my sword!

            I’ve tried to register on the forum, but I couldn’t, every time that I try this message appears:

            “The visual confirmation code you submitted was incorrect”

            But I’m writing correct… I don’t know what’s happening…

            Thank you for the help! =)

          • I can see that there is a problem with the “register” function on the forum. I will take care of it these days :) . I will tell you when its done :) .

            By the way, the sword is looking very good 😀 .

          • Hi. now the registering is available :) . Tell me if you have made an account on the forum

  • joel

    Thank you very much is an excellent tutorial, thanks for explaining in such detail as to perform the steps, I am initiating me in this area and I really liked your explanation. Thank you again. Greetings.

    • Thanks :) And don’t forget that if you need help, you can find me anytime on the forum 😉

  • Helio

    Hey man I love your tuts and I’m really interested in adding some of my works, but for some reason i can’t register it looks like the link is not working :S can you help me please?

    • Hi Helio

      Please tell me what link isn’t working. I will fix it as soon as possible.

  • Prateek Paul

    Your Tutorial has been really helpful to me. I learned a lot. Thank you very much. Plz keep posting these type of tutorial. I will remain in your debt forever.

    • Thank you :)

      I’m very glad when I see that users are enjoying my tutorials. More tutorials will be posted very soon. Even today we will post a tutorial, and I hope that tomorrow I will post another one ;). And if you need help , we are on the forum, or you can simply chat with us on the forum, because we have there a shoutbox and you can chat with us in real time (but you need an account on the forum)

      Stay with us

  • khoikhoi

    Having issues following some of the steps in the tutorial. I’m not sure where to locate the forum link for this tutorial?


  • Ian

    I realize this might be a bit late, but i am a beginner, and i was wondering how to do some of step 41. Specifically after the 2nd picture.

  • Hypertje

    Great tutorial so far, but what are you doing in 25, I am at the last image. So far it went great, but your outcome is completely different. Any further help possible?

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