Steampunk Street Lamp modeling tutorial

Hi again boys & girls. The steampunk sword tutorial was and still is a very popular tutorial and I have decided to make another steampunk themed tutorial. In this tutorial, I will show you how to model a steampunk street lamp, a concept made by Rob Sandberg. And yes, I have his approval to use his concept to make this tutorial :)
In this tutorial I will show you something more than just modeling. I will show you how to use “Smoothing Groups” because we wont use mesh smooth or turbosmooth
Here you have the blueprint that we will use to make this lamp :


1. Set up yout blueprint into your 3ds max viewport. If you don’t know how to set up your blueprint, just check the tutorials from 3DS Max category and you will find a tutorial about this :

2. We will start to model it from the bottom and then we will advance to the top. So, the first object that we will make, will be a box :


3. Now, once the box is made, we will round up the upper corners. To do this, select the same edges as me, then chamfer them using the same amount :



4. We can leave it like this, but the vertical corners are too sharp. We will round them a little bit too, because it will give a better look to our object and honestly, I like to take care of each detail. To the same thing, select the vertical edges from each corner, and chamfer them like below :


5. Disable the edges and hide everything. You will notice that the polygons are not very smooth and we can see the edges between them. Like I have said at the beginning of this tutorial, I will show you how to use Smoothing Groups in order to have some good looking mesh, without using smooth modifiers.


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