Steam engine locomotives – reference images

As you probably know (if you have read this article) I’m from Resita (Romania) and there we have a museum with some steam engine locomotives. The locomotives were made in Romania a very long time ago I was thinking that I could take some photos, maybe someone need. You can use the images for 3D modeling but also for building small scale models of this kind of locomotives and if there is anyone who need more images with some parts/pieces of the locomotives just let me know. I’ve made some photos with me near each locomotive to show you the proportions. I have 1,83m height. In that park we have around 15 models and I will post more in the summer when I will go back.

First Steam engine locomotive model

If you need the images with a higher resolution, just let me know

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2 Comments on "Steam engine locomotives – reference images"

  • Pravas

    Hi Sir, I was so looking for the images for a 3D model. I was really impressed to find it all at once Place.

    Also it would be great if you could provide more closeup images of parts in one link. It will help me create a more detailed model.

    Thanks a lot Sir for your effort.

    • Hi,

      I have made the photos when I was in Romania. I will go again in winter and until then I can only provide the same images that you have saw on the website but on higher resolution. If you need them just give me your email address and I will send them to you. But, for the moment my girlfriend is here in France with me but at the final of September she will go back to college. If you want I can ask her to take some photos. Let me know what locomotive you want to model. Like this she will know what photos to make.

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