Speaker modeling tutorial – 3DS max basics explained very well

Why did I made this tutorial : I saw that many of my website readers don’t know very well the basics of 3D modeling. This is a simple tutorial that I would recommend to anyone who is new in 3DS Max. I will try to explain how to use every button and function. After you will finish this tutorial, please note on something if its difficult to keep all in mind, why we use bevel and not extrude, what is chamfer, etc. If you will use this functions 3-4 times you will now them forever. Below, as you can see, the result of this tutorial will be some speakers.

1. Start my making a Box with the same dimensions as in the image below (you can place it where you want) :

2.Now we have just a box, but we need to convert this object into an editable poly. To convert the object into an editable poly, select the object > right click > convert to : convert to editable poly.

3. Before to start modeling, be sure that you are in an orthographic view, and not perspective. If you are in the Perspective view, right click on the left upper corner and change to Orthographic

4. If you don’t see the edges of the object, right click on the left upper corner and choose “Edged Faces”

5. In the front viewport, (click on the face of the cube named “FRONT”) select the same poligon as me. And then click on the little square from “Inset” and a small window will appear.

IMPORTANT : We need to click on the little square because we need to put a custom amount on our polygon. If you click directly on the “Inset” button, or any other buton they will put automaticaly the last amount that you have used. In our case, we need 1 as amount.

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15 Comments on "Speaker modeling tutorial – 3DS max basics explained very well"

  • Aenor

    Nice tutorial, i learned some things;)
    Keep up with more.gl;)

  • Aenor


  • ali

    I dont get it in step 29 : how should i delete the interior :S :S i mean after i complete step 28 what should i do next :S ??? plz answer

  • kurtis

    #29 I done the shape of a hole but couldnt delete it because it was connected to another line so… They should of done this instead – more accurate = Get a cylinder (Make sure the outline is just about inside the speaker i.e not the body) Use the boolean tool and click operand B then click the body-speaker then subtract :)

  • kalana

    Very valuable and comfortable tutorial; for beginners.29th step is bit confusing but kurtis has explained it well.Thanks for both

    • Thank you :) . And I also want to thank to kurtis for explaining. What I did is this : I used the boolean tool , but you can also use the cut tool :) to make a round shape then delete the inside of the shape

  • hannah harvey

    This is a great tutorial website, it has really helped me to practice my skills and to help me improve on my skills that I already knew. I will definitely be using this website again :)

  • flopstar

    do you even swag

  • flopstar

    you guys flopped

  • nadhirbz113

    great for beginers thanks

  • me

    in step 76 I believe it’s 0.02 and not 0.2
    anyway, great tutorial m8

  • WasBorn

    Hi, thanks for this verry explicit tuto but, i don’t find the “Triangle shape” i work on the 2015 version, may be that this fonction has changed name.

    since a long time i search how to create a shape from other polygon.




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