Solving all blueprint problems in 3DS Max

By reading this article you will learn how to solve all blueprint problems that you will have n 3ds max regarding the blueprints. You will learn hot to check them before import them in 3ds max, cut them, and place it very precice in 3ds max. Well, some old blueprints are not matching when you will assign them in viewport. Because when the blueprints where made, it is possible that someone drew them by hand. Before cutting the blueprints in Photoshop I will show you that you can check if the blueprint will match. You can check this in Photoshop too

I didn’t found a blueprint which doesn’t match, I took a blueprint for one of my readers. He asked for this tutorial and I will use his blueprints .

1. Open this blueprint, using Photoshop :

2. We will start the top the car. Select the top of the car, then right click on it and choose > Layer via copy

3. Now lower the oppacity of this layer at 35% and place it over the side of the car. You need to place it like below. To fit the spoiler lines. If this will fit, you don’t need to modify it.

4. BUT, you can be more precice. You can see if the details will fit. Having the layer in the same place. Check if the middle of the car lines (fron the top view) are the same with the lines from the side view . Always check the middle lines from the top, front and rear view. Select the MOVE tool and press the UP arrow key and check if these detailes matches . Use only the UP & DOWN keys.
The bottom of the windshield is good :

The top of the windshield is good :

The bottom of the rear window is good :

The top of the rear window is good :

5. And here are some other details that you can check : trunk lines, hood, lines, door lines. Some edges are overlapped and is a little bit to see them, but if you will use only the UP and DOWN key you will know about what I am talking :

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13 Comments on "Solving all blueprint problems in 3DS Max"

  • wow amazing issues for beginners (not me) lol

    • well, for this small problems , beginners need to search enough on the web to find what they are looking for. :)

  • lucky_lowell

    Fantastic! Its so important to get setup correctly.
    This is great. thanks for your great tutorial

  • Max

    I have a very strange problem when i try to apply the blueprints to the planes…
    The picture doesnt get there in one piece, its like it comes on the planes 5000 times… Do you know this problem? its like there are many many little cars on one plane how do i fix this?

    • Normally if you will use the same dimension as the image it should be fine. Try to use UVW Map modifier to adjust your blueprint. If the problem persist, make a new topic on the forum :) . We are all there

  • heyho

    Max, maybe your bitmap (inside the “Diffuse” channel) have its “Tiling” set too high. If not, then maybe you can fix it by decreasing in the “Tiling” option (in the “Coordinates” area). You can also do that in the “UVW Map”, is exactly the same metod. Tweak a little to see if something changes and you can achieve only one image.

  • elfranco

    nice tips bro,
    I’m just the beginner will follow the expertise
    two thumbs up !!! :)

  • s91arvindh

    I m having problem in setting up the blue print and i have read the article about the blueprint and that information was very useful and my doubt is that when i am checking the blue print as you said i found that the front wiper is not matching when in the top view and side view please help me !!!

  • artuu

    It’s a good tutorial but here all your blueprints already fit perfectly, you should put the case what to do inside photoshop (what tools to use, etc) when the the parts of the car don’t match perfectly even if they are aligned from beginning to end in all sides, like you did here (which happens with 98% of the blueprints around the net) How to stretch some parts of the picture to make those parts fit. Thanks.

  • shashank

    This is a very nice tutorial. But i am facing a weird problem in Max 2012. when i apply my blueprints to the the planes and select ‘realistic materials with maps’, the top view plane turns black. when i tried reloading the image it displays “Invalid image file header”. the image opens easily in Photoshop or any other image viewing/ editing softwares. Please help me in solving this issue.

  • r1

    It’s ‘precise’ not ‘precice’.

  • CS

    May i know the name of the car plz…

  • Draganoc

    Can you please share a detail about aligning the images in Autodesk Maya. Although both are simmilar but how do i align images that are not aligned already.

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