Soccer ball texturing tutorial

This is the second part of my latest tutorial and I will explain how to texture the soccer ball that we have made earlier. First, make that simple shape like on picture (I showed you in previous tutorial).

1.Turn it to Editable Poly.

2. Select all edges and use “Split” (like in previous tutorial).

3. From here we start the new tutorial. In “Modifier List” find “Unwrap UVW” then click on it.

4. Pres “Edit”.

5. New window will appear. Click on that little checkered box (2) to make you’r self easier to work. On right side, below “Unwrap UVW” select “Face” (1) then select all in new window. Also, when you selected, drag it to the blue square (3).

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9 Comments on "Soccer ball texturing tutorial"

  • kartik141297

    i didn’t understood the 5th step….its realy confusing pls help me with it

    • well, when the uvw unwrap window appears you need to select the FACE option from the modifier menu . Like this you will select all faces of the object then, you will see that the faces are selected in the uvw window too. After you selected all faces, go to Mapping and choose > Flatten Mapping. I hope it helps, if not, please post on the forum for more details

  • Maryam

    I don’t have the “Render UV Template” option, is it because i have the older version of 3dmax? it’s 2007

  • Hey cheers. I did both of the tutrials. real easy to follow and doesn’t take to long at all! Thanks!

  • zjadarka

    Ok, my ball looks wird.

    I did everyghing like you did. How can I ‘repair’ this?

  • zjadarka

    Ok, I got it. Do not check “Isoline Display” after adding TurboSmooth 😀

    • sorry for not answering. I was offline . I’m glad that you’ve figured out

  • Anu

    Thankx, for sharing, this tutorial is very useful. I really enjoy this! Thanx and keep on sharing this kind of stuff…..

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