Old money ( currency ) texture from Romania

6. Now we will start with some old bills. This is 10LEI from 1966. Before the revolution from 1989 the currency was in LEI but with 3 zeros less that after the revolution.

7. From the same year we have the 100LEI bill with the face of Nicolae Balcescu


8. Older than these ones, is the 100.000 LEI from 1946.In those times I think the currency was changed again. On a side we have 2 womens wearing some traditional clothes from that time , working on the field and a small child. On the other side we also have 2 womens going home from the field.

9. From 1944 we have this 5000LEI bill.


10. In 1943 this is how the 1000 LEI bill looked like. Again, we can see the women working, even breast feeding a child.

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