Old money ( currency ) texture from Romania

Here you have some old currencyfrom Romania. I’ve forgot that I have these money and a couple of days ago I just found them into a book. I’m posting this because maybe someone have an old project and he/she need some texture to use on the money if he want to fill a scene with objects.

The currency of Romania was LEI and now it RON. We cut 4 zeros ( 0000) and now the currency is called RON and the money are made of plastic. Yes, I think that we are the only country in the world who have a currency made of plastic. I will give you an example : before we have 10.000 LEI , now we have 1 RON/LEU.

For each bill I have took a picture on an A4 paper sheet to have an idea how big there are.
I will start with the newest :

1. Here you have 1000 LEI from 1998. On the side is the face of Mihai Eminescu and on the other side are some roman columns.

2. The second is the 5000 LEI bill from the same year, 1998. On the front you have the face of Lucian Blaga and on the other side you have a leaf. Forget about that signature BRD, I don’t know who made it. And on the front side , there is also a signature over 5.000. Forget about them and use photoshop to remove them.

3.Here you have a 5000LEI bill, made in 1993. On the front side there is the face of Avram Iancu and on the other side is the Castle Gate Alba Iulia and the church Densus

4. This is a 500 LEI bill form 1992. On the front side there is the face of Constantin Brancusi and on the other side there are some sculptures that he made.

5. From 1993 you have a 1000LEI with the same writer on a side ( M. Eminescu) and on the other side you have Putna monastery

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