Nokia 5320 Xpressmusic – modeling tutorial – PART 3

This is the third part of the Nokia 5320 Xpressmusic modeling tutorial

101.Now do the same thing that we have made for each side button. Open chamfer, drag the edges to the interior, inset the polygons, chamfer the edges  :

102.We will move forward and we will make those 3 holes and we will be done with all those buttons and holes. We will start with the big one ( I think that is for the headphones). Pick these polygons showed in the first image, then inset them. We will do the same step like before : we inset the polygons then we will need a square, not a rectangle. Move the vertices to make a square and then proceed to the next step. I know that we made this earlier . Don’t forget that you need to fix the resulted square over the hole :

103.Now pick these vertices and lower them a little bit :

104.This step is interesting. We will make from a square, an unsmoothed circle contour. Just pick the vertices from each corner of the square and use the scale tool to decrease their size. You will see that they will be pushed to the interior and the result will be pretty nice :

105.Now , here is a little bit different. We have the hole, but in the hole is that thing where you need to plug your headphones. I will explain what we will do : We will inset all those polygons from the inside of the circle. This will give use the thickness of that metal edge. Then we will make an opened chamfer for the circle’s edges, because between that metal object and the case is a tiny gap and as for the other buttons we will drag the edges to the interior and we will chamfer with a small amount to make them sharper, but pay attention to the chamfering amount because they will not be the same: for the phone case will be a smaller amout.

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