Nokia 5320 Xpressmusic – modeling tutorial – PART 2

This is the second part of the Nokia 5320 Xpressmusic modeling tutorial.

51.Now select the same vertices as me and drag those vertices a little bit to the interior, just a little bit . Use 2 viewports and in one of those 2 viewports turn the model a little bit to see how much are you modifying the button :

52.If you will apply a smooth modifier on your model, the middle of the round button will not be so sharp, you can even try to see. But, to make that edge sharper, we need to chamfer the edge with a low value. So, select the edge and chamfer it like me :

53.We will move forward and we will make the camera. Just make a cylinder and use the inset and bevel tool to create the same object as me . I have attached few images to this to step to help you. Just hide the rest of the mobile phone and let the display visible. In the felt viewport I turned the viewport a little bit for a better view, and in the right side we have the front of the mobile phone :

54.Hide everything and let the camera visible. Grab this edge (from the first image) then click on the ring button and connect them with an edge. Use the same amounts as me :

55.When we will apply a smooth modifier, the sharpen edges will look soft. We need to make them look very good. First of all, chamfer these edges with a very tiny amount :

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