3DS Max car modeling tutorial – Nissan 350z

11. Grab these vertices and drag them forward. In the left viewport I have zoomed a little bit to show you what vertices you need to select

12. Watch on the top viewport and you will see that the bumper lip don’t have a round shape. Move the vertices as below to make the shape round :

13. At this step you just need to delete the polygons showed in the image

14. Select the same edges and drag them to the interior to make that hole in the middle of teh bumper

15. Now we will add a little detail of the front lip. Connect these edges with the same amount :

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  • lambik

    Great tutorial, thanks a lot.

  • Max

    I already put my qeustion on the forum 😀
    So I hope you can help me out ^^

  • Tanveer

    hi nice tut nut having an issue an i get that reference images for the car… mu email id is tanveer.singh926@gmail.com

  • Tanveer

    hi i got it

  • Mitchell

    can you please upload the next tutorial with the lights and tires? I really loved this one. Thanks

  • Gus

    How do you make the body lines so sharp?

  • jude

    i hav a prob with da blueprints.. its not very clear when i put it in 3Ds max, but its clear in photoshop n MS paint……… pls help

  • roo3d

    I purchased a month membership to see the rest of this tutorial but it did not lead me to any premium page. please fix and email me where I can see the rest.
    you may need more direction how to use after subscribe.

    • You need to wait a little bit , because we are approving the membership manual and now your membership is active.

  • roo3d

    Still i can not see where i can get a premium page to see more of the rest tutorial. Did you erase my subscription? Would you take me where i could see the rest?

  • roo3d

    Never mind. I found it. I could see the rest. Thanks for the great tutorial.

    • The Premium tutorials are on the premium page. I activated your subscription and when you want to access those tutorials, you need to be logged in. You can do this via User Area. I will add some steps on the subscription page. Like this anyone will know how it works. And don’t forget, if you need help, we are on the forum

      • pyrite

        As well, I am having issues accessing the premium content.

        I recently sent you a payment to renew my subscription but have not received any activation email.

        I tried logging out and back in with my account, and navigating to the tutorials via the premium page.

        All I get is “Log in” or “Subscribe”. I’m logged in and I’ve subscribed.

        I’ve very much enjoyed your excellent tutorials and would like to continue, but if you’re unable to activate my account, I would like a refund of my $9


  • pjg23

    i know, it’s ackward but if i can’t get a video, can i get a refund?

    i’m sorry for bothering you T.T

  • chesstu

    says I’m registered but can’t access full tuto for Nissan ??
    Thanks for helping me out :)

    • for a premium tutorial you need a premium membership :) , which starts from 9$ :). For more questions, don’t hesitate to ask

      PS : with a premium membership you will have access to all premium tutorials

  • m.iftikhar

    hi nice tut nut having an issue an i get that reference images for the car… mu email id

  • m.iftikhar

    hi nice tut nut having an issue an i get that reference images for the car… me email id is iffi4u95@gmail.com

  • umar

    very nice tuts.i will try.

  • Hello Andrei, I saw ur tutorial and would like 2 know mure abt it. Am an autocad user n ve manage 2 model a corolla by using splines 2 create loft sections from polygonal reference model. Is it possible 2 use blueprint reference 2 model a car in autocad? I mean can one use d same procedure used in ur tutorial 2 model a car in autocad ? Thanks in anticipation of ur reply. Frank.

    • I have absolutely no idea if its possible to make a car in autocad. I have used that software to some architectural plans when I was in school. Autocad is more a technical software than a designing one, so, making all details of a car it will be very hard or even impossible.

      I have found a car that was made in autocad (the title says that, not me) but in my opinion, it looks awful .
      For car modeling I really recommend softwares like 3DS Max, Maya , C4D or even Blender


    • David

      Frank White, you say you modelled a corolla with autocad? Please I need to know how you did that, I’m desperate

  • hello, Am interested in your tutorial and other mode of payment available apart from credit cards and paypal Am an autocad user and i have modeled cars in it with the use of splines. Please, is the knowledge iacquired from your tutorial transferable to autocad(2013) Thanks in anticipation of your reply. Frank.

  • 3dmax

  • Luc

    Hello Andrei! Happy xMas!
    I’d like to make a grill like the one you did for this Nissan… Do you have a tutorial?
    I found some tutos but I don’t like at all the result. Yours is exactly what I need.
    Thank you,

  • You ought to be a part of a contest for one of the highest quality websites on the net.
    I’m going to highly recommend this site!

  • Cao Khanh

    Thank you for a great tutorial. It’s helpful.

  • manny

    can anybody send me the blueprint please,

    here is my email id lomibao_manny@yahoo.com.

    thanks and appreciate


  • Fazren

    I found this tutorial really useful.Thanks for the help!

  • sahul

    how to find the trutorial for how to set up blue print..?
    and anyway overall I learnt the concept from you trutorials.
    just many tons of thanks wont be enough.
    since I am a internet learner and did not learn from basics I almost know to use many tools in edit poly
    I don know y I havnt used detach tool and bridge tool yet. if you can provide a link for a trutorial for these tools it will help me out.

    once again thanks a ton for you for your hard work.


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