Next tutorial ? November 29 2013

Here is the deal :

I want to make a new tutorial but I am running out of ideas, so, I will let the users to decide what tutorial should I make. Before requesting it, be sure that if the next tutorial requires some resources (reference image, textures, etc) please provide them.
There is one exception : I won’t make another car modeling tutorial because I have made enough (I guess) .

So, leave your request in the comment section and in a couple of days I will choose the one that seems interesting :).

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  • snaggleking

    Hi, i’ve just discovered this website today and it seems to have great, well explained tutorials for beginners.
    Well I finish other tutorials I will be trying some of yours so thanks.
    I am very new to 3ds max but am trying to learn so my suggestions below would have to be aimed at beginners please.

    Although I don’t have reference it shouldn’t be too hard to find.

    What about the weapons from Gof Of War ps3/ps4 game.
    Kratos’ blades of chaos should be fairly easy and look cool

    or maybe weapons from other games like the plasma cutter from dead space?

    • Thanks for the feedback 😀 I appreciate

      I was planning to make a tutorial about a weapon and now I am stuck between a weapon and bike :|. I’m not decided yet but this week I will choose one and I will start to make it.

      Make an account on our forum if its possible. Like this it will be easier to help you if you ever need assistance :)

      • snaggleking

        I’m sure what you do will be cool so i’ll check back to see, follewed on witter too so I should see it there hopefully.
        I’ll check out the forum later and hopefully be able to make an account
        Thanks again for the tutorials and great website

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