Modeling Chevrolet Camaro SS 2010 -3ds Studio Max

69. Ok,look at the images and try to make the same like me :

Now move this vertex a little bit back,follow the images. We need to put some vertex in the same position,follow the images :

70. Lets continue :

I know,it will be possible to have something like this :

No problem,we will fix that later !

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38 Comments on "Modeling Chevrolet Camaro SS 2010 -3ds Studio Max"

  • Artur

    Great tut.

    Nice of you, that you’ve added modeling process of the headlights/tail lights.


  • You are welcome :) the car its not so hard to model,and i know,tha headlight don’t have a really good form,but they look like in real!

  • HellrideR

    thats a great tutorial but the final car is nor look realistic

    i used the bmw tutorial to make the camaro 2009 and the result was PERFECT

    and that’s a photo of the camaro object

  • Let me get this straight,you have modeled the Camaro before my tutorial,or after i have posted this tutorial?

    • neev suri

      hello sir,,
      the tutorial is really good.but i hav a question that if a car designer designs a car ,is that his work to make it aerodynamically good?
      how calculations or whatever is done to improve its aerodynamics behaviour??

      • Hi. I think that a car designer already have some basic knowledge about aerodynamics and I’m pretty sure that he is working with some engineers to design the car

      • at the university the becoming designers are tolled and teached how to improve the aerodynamics,the design,how the car should look before its maked.after the 3d sketch is done ,a prototype its tested in a wind tunnel,and there the designers take care of the aerodynamicall problems.

  • coterman

    Hey man.

    Great tut again..
    But i have a question about the Blueprints??
    Could it be that the Front and Back prints are a bit out of shape?? All went fine, but since i am working on the roof part (Step 35 following) problems with getting the vertex in correct place.. there is always one viewport, where they do not fit.. its somehow weird..
    Is there any work for me todo with the prints before modelling? resize or sonetghing??

    • Ok,first of all you need to select the blueprint and Freeze them,or else you will click on them and move them around,the blueprint are fine,as you can see I have modeled the car with the same configuration on the blueprints. If the problem persists tell me on the forum at “Help” Topic and give me some photos!

  • ryan

    Amazing in depth tutorial must of taken you ages to make! are you any good at character modeling because if you can make one as in depth as this it would be amazing!

    • the next tutorial will be with another car,and then i think I will make a character ! Thank you very much for the comment :)

  • FARO15ful

    hi i am novice in 3ds max. where i can found connect edges in the 3 image?

  • j.s

    hey where can i find the link for this model because i have managed to follow it all apart from the steps for the wing mirrors and the wheels i hope you can help cheers

  • Noobie One

    Hi, how do you get the images into 3ds Max 2012’s four screens, or at least the 3 2D screens so as to apply the planes.

    Thanks. I’ve just started using it.

  • Dude very nice work , you must be crazy to to all this and write tutorial too rep ++ 😀

    • Thank you very much,i did this work for you guys…..When i finish with my graduation exam i will make another tutorial!

  • sckili

    great tutorial!!

  • sckili

    hello! Sorry for bad English. Why am I no longer see the tutorial on CAMARO, and until last night I can see it for free?thanks

    • Please read the small post on the front page called “We are sorry” . If you still have any questions don’t hesitate to ask :)

  • JcA

    Nice Job !!

  • Dragon

    Yea, nice 1

  • Djghost1133

    nice tutorial, glad i downloaded a pdf copy before it went premium.

  • Avinash Pandey

    Hello Dear Sir,

    Please upload the tutorial of Chevrolet Camaro Headlight.

    Thank You.

    • Go to “Premium” section and you will find all the tutorial there :D…including the headlight :)

    • Here you have just a demo of this tutorial. The first 30 steps are for free and if you want to see the rest of this tutorial, you need to buy a membership which starts from 9$/month .

  • farshad

    sorry, i got the blue prints but i cant open that in 3d max app
    i have this problem with all bluprints of all tutorials here!
    my 3d is version 2011. wat can i do?

  • sckili

    sorry but this tutorial did not become free just reached 1000 likes on facebook?

    • As you have read . ONE tutorial will become FREE and its not this one… The tutorial with the Nokia mobile phone will become for free :)

  • Matoro66

    I’m trying to do this for a project in class and was wondering… How exactly do you set this up? Like what do the dimensions of the drawing have to be in order to match up the one in this tutorial?

  • Matoro66

    How do you align everything?? Like what measurements do the planes with the blueprints have to be? It’s not mentioned before beginning the tutorial and as I got to step 3, nothing was aligning…


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