15 Comments on "Skateboard modeling and texturing tutorial"

  • Lan

    Man thank you.You changed the way of my thinking about 3ds max and learn me a lot things.Thanks

    • I’m glad you like it :) . If you need help with you are following our tutorials, don’t hesitate to ask on our fresh forum. We have a new forum and you can use the account to post tutorials on this website or use it on the forum. You can make an account by clicking the “User Area” button in the right upper corner.

  • Lan

    Some tip on the metal material of the truck wouldnt be bad:D.
    Also i am trying to make an account and when i click the user area it just has buttons to login not to log up

    • Send me an email at admin@tutorial-z.com with your user and password and I will make you an account because at the moment we are working on the forum and website. You will be able to change your password after I will make your account. We are trying to make a bridge between the website and the forum. Like this you will be able to use the same account on both.

  • Jaylin G.

    hey can you make a tutorial on how you did the lighting and how you made the glossy look of the skate board. it looks amazing..

  • Persia Boy ( Iran )

    i just wana say Ty for this tutorial. very nice.

  • leo M

    Wouldnt it be better if you said use a tube for the wheel other than cylinder?

  • mark camilleri

    I m sorry, im new to 3dsmax could u explain a bit better the steps involved in part 2 pls? Cos im finding it hard to follow without words pls.

    • which steps ? btw . we are offering support on our forum . If you need help you need a forum account. Let me know what username you want on the forum and you can post there. Send an email at Admin@tutorial-z.com with your desired username.

  • Sietse V.

    Hey Mark,
    I’ve got the same issue.
    How far are u in ur progress, and if u mastered it, could u explain it to me?
    Thank u very much!

  • oknglr

    Your cylndir have 2 radius parameter how it possible ? i have just one :/ İm waiting for first step of the wheel

  • pruskis

    have you used turbosmooth modifier on top? how come blocky model looks so smooth at the final render? nice tutorial by the way.

  • Guile

    Hi, ive follow your tutorial for somethings but , with this… I have one problem with the texture. In the top or bottom side , the texture dont fit good. The texture dont go to the final edge when i make a turbosmooth. Why? If you want i can put images


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