Model a offroad wheel and tire in 3DS Max

in this tutorial i will show you how to model an offroad tire with an offroad rim. Its a very easy tutorial. I will also shou you how to make the same model of tire but “low poly”. We will don’t use any blueprint. Below you have the final result of this tutorial.

1. Start by making a line just like me, usign “Line” tool.

2. Select all those vertices and right click > smooth. You should have something like this :

3. Now, move the selected vertices (in the first image) like in 2nd image.

4. Like in the step 3, move the vertices from the first image like in the 2nd image

5. Turn the camera a little bit. Like this you can see better. Having the line selected, choose from “modifier” menu “Extrude” and at amount put 35 (not 0.9 – too lazy to change the picture) and at segments, put 2.

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8 Comments on "Model a offroad wheel and tire in 3DS Max"

  • Ravi Verma

    suprb artwork

    lot of things to learn

  • nitin pasbola

    nice tyres

  • franco

    tnx men!!!finally!ive learn to create smooth 3ds!!

  • franco

    ey!may i ask something, what software did you used from the finish artwork, is it photoshop maipulated or material editing from max because the effects and textures are great!

  • No

    Finish your tutorial next time you lazy fucking asshole

    • I will not censor your comment, I will let the people see how stupid you are. The tutorial is finished. Maybe I said that I will make another when I will explain how to make it low poly. Next time don’t bother to leave this kind comments

  • Indika Anuradha

    Thanks for your help tutorials

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