Create a neon material / effect in 3DS Max using mental ray

In this tutorial I will show you how to make a neon material/effect in 3DS Max , Mental Ray.

1. We will start by choosing a material in Material Editor and after that we will change him from Standard to Arhitecural

2. In Diffuse slot put what color you want. This color will be the color of the light and at Luminance you can put how much you need. Luminance its the power of the light

3. Now, in the Render Setup > Indirect Illumination, check the Enable Final Gather. Below you can make the setting for render quality. At “Rays pe FG Point” you can put a number between 300-500 and the quality will be ok.

and thats all. Assign the material on a material and press the render button

To download the material click HERE

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  • hüseyin

    Hi … do the work that I really like … and you describe everything your model I tried .. only your objects in the rendering does not appear .. only lights looks .. in mine the objects in the rendering looks .. you use objects gives detailed information on sevinirim .. thanks in advance I would wish you good work ..

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