Mechwarrior tutorial – Baking the maps and create the texture – Chapter 4

Hi again. This is the 4th chapter and now I will show you how to bake the texture from the high poly model.
Why are we baking the textures and not using the high poly model directly ? Well, after this process we will have the reflections and details from the high poly model on the low poly model. This how game models are created, when you see all those amazing details from every objects know you will know that the obect is a low poly model with some baked textures from the high poly model. Don’t forget that you cand add how many details you want on your mesh. I added just a few because I want to show you how it works . And by the way, you need to know a little bit the basics of Photoshop because I will not explain how to make the texture.

Before starting, here is something that you don’t need to forget. Check the unwrap that you have made for the model and be sure that those parts which has 90 degrees angles divided in separate pieces. Check the images to see an example :

Check your entire unwrap to see if you need to edit .
1. First of all you need to be sure that you have those 2 models in the scene (the high poly model and the low poly model)

2. Now select the low poly version and add a new modifier called “Edit Poly” because we will edit the object a little bit but we also want to keep the unwrap uvw modifier.

3. At this step we need to separate each part from the low poly model. Why ? Because if we will bake the model like this, the cages will intersect and the result will not be very good. Use the “Element” tool to select the entire part. When your part is selected, move it away from other objects :

4. Do the same thing for ther parts too :

5. If you will click on the little light bulb from the “Edit poly” modifier you will see that everything we will be back in place. Now you need to detach each part from the high poly model but before be sure that you applied a smooth modifier on the model. Then select each part using the same tool (“element” tool) and detach it. If you have made the same robot as me and the same parts, you need to have 33 objects on this high poly model :

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