Mechwarrior texturing tutorial – unwrapping tutorial (chapter 2)

Here you have the second part of the tutorial. In this part I will show you how to unwrap the model that you have modeled in the first chapter. The proccess called “unwraping” allows us to split the model in several parts and over those parts we will apply a texture. This chapter requiers a lot of patience. Let’s start :

1. In this chapter we don’t need the bleuprints, you can hide them if you want. Open the model and select him :

2. Having the model selected, go to the modifier list and choose “Unwrap UVW”.

3. On the selection menu, click on the “polygon” button and press CTRL+A to select all polygons :

4. Now you need to press the “Open UV Editor” and you will see that a new window will appear. We will use this small window when we will unwrap any kind of model :

5. Having the polygons still selected, in that small window go to Mapping > Flatten mapping. A small box will appear. You need to press OK.

6. These are all parts of the model but if we will leave them like this, it will be impossible to have a good texture. This is why we need to stick them together and make some bigger parts, easier to texture. When I’m unwraping a model, I pull out all parts from that square :

7. Before putting together all the parts, we need to apply a pattern. Like this, we will know when we will strech the texture (this should be avoided). To make that pattern, open the material editor, pick a material and at the diffuse button, choose “Checker”

8. Apply the material on the model and if the pattern will not be visible, please click on the highlighted button from the image. In the coordinates menu, you can increase the size of the pattern. You can use the same dimensions as me :

9. We will start by unwraping the arm. Click on the same polygon as me and you will see that the polygon will be selected in that small window too.

10. In the “Edit UVWs” window, drag the polygon back into the texturing square. Then you will see that when the polygon is selected, some edges are blue (on other parts). This means that those parts, need to be welded to this selected polygon :

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