Mechwarrior Modeling Tutorial – High poly model – chapter 3

Hi again. I am C. Andrei and this is the 3rd chapter, where we will make the high poly version of the mechwarrior. We will use this high poly version to bake the textures and get the reflexions and smooth surface of this high poly, and put it on the low poly.

1. Open the file with the robot and make a copy of the model :

2. I will explaine how to model just for one part and the for the other one you will try to make it on your own. Just use the same steps that I will explain and you will have the same result. Example : I will make one foot, and the other one, you will make it on your own. We will start with the lower part of the foot. Hide the lowpoly model and then delete those 2 edges from the left foot :

3. Select the same polygons, inset them and extrude them with the same amounts as me :

4. Switch the viewport to the side and having those 2 polygons still selected, decrease the size by using the same axis like me ( Y & X )

5. Using the “Cut” tool , create the same edges :

6. Select the middle vertex, and chamfer it with the same amount like me. DO the same thing for both vertices :

7. Keep those vertices selected, and move those to the middle a little bit, then, using try to give them a square shape. Don’t forget that you can do this by having the vertices selected from both sides :

8. When your vertices are in a square position, keep the vertices selected and increase the size of them to make a bigger square , BUT use only the Y & X axis. If you will use all 3 axis, you will ruin the model :

9. Still, keep the vertices selected and at this step you need to chamfer them and obtain an octagon

10. Now select these edges and connect them with 2 rows of edges :

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  • Andri Wibowo

    For Smooth Modifier , is it Turbosmooth or just Normal Smooth ?

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