Mechwarrior modeling tutorial – Daishi (low poly model) Chapter 1

Hi again. Its been a very long time since I didn’t posted something. In this tutorial I will show you how to model a mechanical warrior (robot). In this part I will show you how to model the lowpoly version of this model and in the next part I will teach you how to unwrap it , to add some texture and to make it ready for the next generation games.
Below you have the 2 images that we will use as blueprints.


1. Place the blueprints like below :

2. We will start to model by making a box and then you need to convert the box into an editable poly. You can convert the object by right clicking on it > Convert to > Editable Poly . Then place the box like me.

3. Now, in the modifier menu, click on the “Vertex” button, then put the vertices like me :

4. You can make the objet transparent by pressing the Alt+x buttons. Now, in the modifier menu, click on the “Polygon” button (the red square) and select the same polygon as me :

5. Having the polygon selected, in the modifier menu you have a button called “Extrude” and next to button you have another smaller button with a square on it. You need to press on the little square if you want to add an amount to your extrusion. If not, the “Extrude” function will use the last setting. Here you need to extrude using a random value :

6. Now you need to put the vertices as me :


7. Select the same edges and use the “Connect” tool with the same amount like I used. As I said, you need to click on the little square near each function to use your own value :

8. We need to modify some vertices. Select all vertices at once, and rise them up. Sorry about this modification but I didn’t made this model before.

9. Now select the same polygons, extrude them, and put the vertices like in the image :

10. It will be useless to repeat the same thing. You need to use the same steps until now to make the first part of the foot. just follow the images and everything will be fine. If you need help , use the forum and I will answer to anyone :

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  • melonchita

    hi c. andrei,
    i was looking for the next chapters but couldnt find them –
    are they maybe still under production?

    anyway thanks alot in advance and looking forward to the unwrapping and baking :)

    regards, melo

    • hi,

      if you want to have access to the next chapters you need to buy a premium membership which starts from 9$/month. The tutorials are posted but you need to upgrade your account

  • melonchita

    oh great

  • cadman

    Magnifico tutorial , modelado terminado a continuar con la siguiente leccion.
    muchas gracias….

  • alooooo

    nice tut dude. i like u & ur tutorials & ur site

  • Jason

    hey, i would like to buy this is it possible? please answer me thanks!

    • to buy what ? the model or a membership for the premium tutorials ? Please contact me using the contact form :)

  • hasantha

    hey thanks Andrei…i finished this part of the robot…im new to 3d animation and i followed some of ur tutorials …really helped me out ..thanks again :)

  • Ole

    Hi C. Andrei,

    is the 2d image free to use (also commercial)?

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