Making of together forever + hdri rendering tutorial

This is project that I have made in september 2010. Its a personal project and I will share you with the steps that you need to do to make a similar project. In this tutorial I will also tell you how to use hdri to make your light in your renders, and what settings you need to do. I didn’t explaine the modeling part because there are just simple objects that you need to do.

1. Try to model a small plate, a cup and a small spoon. Like below :

2. I didn’t made the entire coffee because is useless. Make just a round plane, or you can make a cylinder and delete the polygons that you don’t need.

3. Don’t forget to put a plane under the cup.

4. I have unwrapped the uvw’ from the cup, but I have selected just a part of the surface to put my texture (the text :”Forever Together”). If you need to add something bigger on the cup, the you need to unwrap more faces. If you need tutorial about unwrapping UVW’s search on thins website because here is the only place where you can find very detailed tutorials. And if you need help, go and post on the forum :).

5. For the coffer, I have used only a bump map. I have made a material and I have assigned the bump map. I have cut a round part from an image, I have made the picture black and white, I increased the level of the image and I used it as below. (in the next steps I will explain the settings for each material)

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  • Daniel

    it’s a good tutorial and educative
    but the down load baton is not provided
    make it acesable for us also to follow.
    Keep it up


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