How to render an animation in 3DS Max

Many people don’t know how to render an animation in 3ds max, so i will explain you. Its very simple.

1. Open the “Render Setup” and look in “Common” menu. Look in “Common Parameters” and at Time Output. Check the “Range” box and then you can put beetwen what frames do you want to render.

2. Scroll down a little bit and you will find “Render Output”. Click on “Files”. A window will appear like this one >

3. At “file name” you will put the name of the video and “Save as type” choose : .avi

4. Check that box from “Save File” and you are ready to render your animation. Just press Render and wait

Thats all

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6 Comments on "How to render an animation in 3DS Max"

  • Joker

    very nice im romanian tough and i want to thank you for these tutorials

  • rookie

    Hi , thank u for your explain but i have another problem in animation when i start rendering the picture in the render screen have good quality ,but when i open the avi file the animation have bad quality in running ,i take a large size from my render (1920*1080) but it’s not be beter , plz help me to solve it. TY



    • choose another codec when you are rendering

  • rose

    Thanks…… :) simple but adequate.

  • Teron

    Hi, how do you play an animation once it is saved? I’m trying to make a video but Windows Media Player will not play it.

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