How to render a car on top of a background image

In this tutorial we will learn how to render a car or any other object on top of a background image of our choice and how to render a image with HDRI. HDRI stands for high dynamic range imaging. It is basically a image that contains light information and can be used to light up a scene as well as providing reflections. For that purpose we must have a background image and an appropriate HDRI with the same scene light and reflections, or at least similar to our background. For high quality HDRI and backgrounds visit ( )

1.Now first you have to have a model and a plane placed beneath it. The plane will be used only to receive shadows. In the top left corner of you viewport where it says Perspective click with the right mouse button and select “Show safe frame”

2.Now we will set up our render settings. You cab use the render settings from my STUDIO HDRI tutorial. Now go to your background image and see what are its dimensions and enter them in the Output Size of your render setup. For example my background image was 1024 pixels wide and 685 pixels high. After you enter the dimensions press the lock button on the Image Aspect. Doing so will assure that if you change one of the dimensions of your render output it will automatically change the other dimension and by so the image will preserve its original aspect ratio and the final image won’t be stretched.

3.Now go to the environment and effects menu or just press”8” and in the environment map slot select Bitmap and open your background image. Also make sure that you have checked the “Use Map” box.

4.Now press “Alt B” and it should open a menu like on Fig 4. Make sure you have the same settings.

5.Now select the plane that is beneath our object and click on it with the second mouse button and select “ Object properties”. In the newly opened menu check the setting like on the following picture:

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9 Comments on "How to render a car on top of a background image"

  • mohit

    dear brother how u put soft shadow in the scene. r these with the help of vray sun or some other light. please help on


    • ludwig770

      Use a Vray sun, and turn the size multiplier up in the modify bar. The higher the size, the softer the shadow….

  • mxr7

    this site is amazing!!!!! love it :)

  • Alberto

    Gracias por el tut, bien contado, claro y muy util…un abrazo desde Argentina.

  • nitin pasbola

    perfect….. i try it on my homes image

  • Thank you very much!


    Hi I’m a beginner on Vray. what material should I use for the car.

  • leonardo

    Do you have the same type of tutorial for MAYA, I tried to follow this tutorial, but the properties boxes are all different and I couldnt find some of the most important ones… like the “see-through” checkbox on the shadow plane !!


  • brock