How to make your own HDRI studio in 3DS Max

For this tutorial we will be using 3D studio max and VRay but the following principles should apply for any other 3d application and render engine.

1.First of all we have to set up our scene settings. Use the following settings:

2.Then we have to set up our camera, just rotate the model as you wish and when you think you have found the right angle and perspective press “Ctrl C” on the keyboard, this will automatically create a camera with the exact view of your viewport.

3.Now open the materials rollout (or press “M”). Click on the “get material” button and select “Gradient Ramp”.

4.Make sure you have checked the Environ button and the Mapping is set to “Spherical Environment”, also on the Angle W type 90 .

5.Now scroll down to the Gradient Ramp parameters and add 4 markers online casino’s on the right half of casino pa natet the gradient. With those we will make the reflections we want above the horizon, since the middle marker Blackjack ar till skillnad fran de flesta casinospel ett skicklighetsspel. of the online casino gradient online casino is resembling the horizon level.

<img class="alignnone size-full These aren’t cheap, but sometimes your is worth the cost. wp-image-1978″ src=”” alt=”” width=”368″ height=”573″ />

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7 Comments on "How to make your own HDRI studio in 3DS Max"

  • maamoon saeed

    hi thank you very much its so nice.
    i want to ask you from ware did you get the model.

  • lambik

    Amazing tutorials, Im gonna stick with them and go through all of them as soon as possible, thanks for them, keep it up! :)

  • NICE! Looks like the kind of environment they use in all the really pro car commercials. I’m impressed, and this is definitely useful. Thanks!


  • Artur


    How did you cast shadows ?? Created a plane under the car ??


  • kirographics

    The model is mine and is for sale only for 20 euros with 2 sets of rims :)
    And yes there is a plane under the car with a radial gradient ramp applied as a texture and the background is another plane with another radial gradient ramp.

  • may you give my the link of the model ?

  • Thanks for the tip!
    Great information!

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