How to make a low poly tire using 3DS Max , xNormals and CrazyBump

41. Do the same thing for all those parts. Do not touch the round ones and be carreful to not strech them. To be sure that they are not streched, you can apply a pattern on them. To do this, select a material > click on the little square from “Diffuse” > Choose “Checker”. Then apply the material on the object and you will see that it will be full of squares (black & white). Be sure that you have only squares over the entire model and not rectangles. If the squares became rectangles , it means that there is a strech:


42. Here you have some hints about unwrapping :
– When you unwrap a model, the main objectiv is to make an easy-to-use layout
– Try to use as much uv space as you can.
– Never scale down only 1 part. Select all the unwrapped parts and scale them down/up proportionally
– Avoid strecthes
Now put everything in the square ( you will notice that the thread will be to big, but for the moment do it like this) , select all polygons then hold the CTRL button and scale them up. By holding the ctrl button down you will scale them proportionally :


43. You can only have some parts which are overlapped. You can put the round parts one above another and I have divided the thread in 2 parts, to fit in the square (to break a part in several pieces, selecte the polygons that you want to detach > right click > break ) . And by the way I have scaled them down again a little bit because the parts where too big


44. Now we will render the template. To do this go to “Tools” > “Render UV Template” and a small window will appear. Make the same settings and pres “Render UV Template” . Then save the template.


45. At this step, you should save your project.Before exporting the file as OBJ, go to the “Edit UVs” window and select one of the sidewalls of the tires and move it out from the “texturing square”. Why? because when we are baking a texture, if we have ovverlapped textures, the result will be ruined. Then , save it, then export the lowpoly model as an .OBJ file. When you are done, close 3DS Max



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    Interesting ! Very detailed tutorial with a very different approach than what I was going for. Was very informative and useful .Thank you!

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