How to make a low poly tire using 3DS Max , xNormals and CrazyBump

36. Now detele the high poly model from your scene (if your pc is slow) and don’t forget to save a backup before deleting it. Then select the lowpoly model > go to the modifier list > choose “Unwrap UVW”. After you have selected the “unwrap uvw” modifier, in the “Selection” tab, click on “Polygon” and then click on “Open UV Editor”


37. Having the polygons selected, in the “Edit UVWs” window go to “Mapping” > “Flatten Mapping” and you will see that you will have all the tire’s parts flattened in the “Edit UVWs” window :


38. Now pull out all those parts from that square and pick a part of the tire and move it back :


39. Now select the same vertices as me. You will notice a blue line on another part. This means that those vertices need to be welded to them :


40. Select that part with the blue edges, bring it up next to the part where we have selected the polygons then select all polygons which need to be welded > right click > weld selected :


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  • reuteman

    I can’t see this tutorial… how i can see it?

    • What do you mean you can see it ? Please send me a screenshot of what are you seeing. Post it on the forum and we will solve the problem (if there is one on our side)

  • reuteman

    thanks by the reply C. Andrei !
    Here you can see my problem:

  • reuteman

    thank you very much C. Andrei !!!!

  • Katia

    Interesting ! Very detailed tutorial with a very different approach than what I was going for. Was very informative and useful .Thank you!

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