How to make a low poly tire using 3DS Max , xNormals and CrazyBump

21. Use the “Mirror” tool to create the other side. Once the other is created, move it a little backward or forward in order to match it with the blueprint :


22. At this step we will merge these 2 pieces. Select these edges and use the Brigge tool to create row of polygons between them :



23. Go to the modifier list and choose “meshsmooth” and this is what you should have until now :


24. Let’s make the rest of the tire. Before making the other parts,activate (left click) then make a right-click on “Snaps Toogle” and be sure that on the “vertex” box is checked :


25. If you never used this snap tool, please pay attention at this step : since the “vertex” from the “snaps toolge” is activated, when you will move your mouse cursor over the mesh, you will see that it will display a yellow cross over the vertices. So, move the cursor over the vertex from the first image, vertex 1. Then hold the left click + shift and drag it on the vertex 2. This will make a copy of our object and it will place it at the limit of the model. You will notice it better in the second image :



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  • reuteman

    I can’t see this tutorial… how i can see it?

    • What do you mean you can see it ? Please send me a screenshot of what are you seeing. Post it on the forum and we will solve the problem (if there is one on our side)

  • reuteman

    thanks by the reply C. Andrei !
    Here you can see my problem:

  • reuteman

    thank you very much C. Andrei !!!!

  • Katia

    Interesting ! Very detailed tutorial with a very different approach than what I was going for. Was very informative and useful .Thank you!

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