How to make a low poly tire using 3DS Max , xNormals and CrazyBump

16. Do the same thing for the other 2 details. Follow the steps that that we have used to make the first detail.


17. Now, select the same edges as me, then chamfer them using a small value :



18. Check the mesh to see if after the “chamfering” process you have triangles on the object, and if you have followed the steps, you should have. When you model a high poly object, try avoid triangles, because they are not doing such a good when you apply a smooth modifier on your object. So, check the image to what kind of triangles you need to search :


19. Now select those 2 vertices, and use the “Weld” function to weld them :



20. Do the same thing for the rest of the triangles. Normally you should have a triangle on each corner. When you are done with the welding process, select the same edges as me, and chamfer them using the same value. You have 4 corners where you need to select the edges in the same way. The corners are marked on the image :



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  • reuteman

    I can’t see this tutorial… how i can see it?

    • What do you mean you can see it ? Please send me a screenshot of what are you seeing. Post it on the forum and we will solve the problem (if there is one on our side)

  • reuteman

    thanks by the reply C. Andrei !
    Here you can see my problem:

  • reuteman

    thank you very much C. Andrei !!!!

  • Katia

    Interesting ! Very detailed tutorial with a very different approach than what I was going for. Was very informative and useful .Thank you!

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