How to make a low poly tire using 3DS Max , xNormals and CrazyBump

66. Let’s move back to 3DS Max and render this tire. Check the forum to download the rendering scene if you like. If you have your own scene, you can use it too. By the way, the provided scene from the forum, is for Vray and the material setup that we will make is also for Vray. So, open your lowpoly using 3DS max,pick a material and change it from standard to VrayMtl. Then click on the diffuse slot > choose Bitmap> and add our Diffuse texture


67. Now click on the “Reflect” slot and add out specular map and make the same settings :



68. Now scroll down until you reach the “Maps” tab, and click on the Bump slot and this time choose “VrayNormalBump”. Then click on the “normal map” slot > choose bitmap > add our normal_texture. At the Bump slot you will see a 30 value ; you can increase it in if you want some stronger bumps. I have used 50



69. And here you have my render :) . In the second render I have added some rims to show you how it looks with some rims. The rims are high poly but soon I hope that I will make a tutorial about lowpoly rims.




And we are done :) . If you have any kind of kind question, please ask on the forum. The forum is open to anyone and I hope that you have learned something from this tutorial. For more tutorials, stay with us on :) .


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    • What do you mean you can see it ? Please send me a screenshot of what are you seeing. Post it on the forum and we will solve the problem (if there is one on our side)

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    Here you can see my problem:

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    Interesting ! Very detailed tutorial with a very different approach than what I was going for. Was very informative and useful .Thank you!

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