How to make a low poly tire using 3DS Max , xNormals and CrazyBump

61. Now SAVE your document as PSD file. To do it , go to > File > Save As > and save it as Lowpoly Template. You need to save it because we will make some changes and then we will come back to the initial file. So let’s say that we want to bump these small noise grains and I also want to bump the side wall. To do it, need to hide the AO layer, because the shadows do not contribute to the bump maps. Then click on the layer with the sidewall and lower its oppacity to 40%. Why ? because we will add the details to the normal map using CrazyBump and crazy bump use the black/white scale to add the details. And we have lowered the oppacity becayse the layer will become greyer, so the details won’t be so “hard” :


62. Now save this file as .tga > open CrazyBump > Choose “Open heightmap from file” and choose the saved file/image that we have made in PS. Replace the “ball” with our lowpoly model and this is what you should have :


63. The details are too hard, and to change them, make the same settings as me. We need only fine details :


64. Let’s merge these details with our original normal map. Keep crazy bump open and meanwhile open our original normal maps (that one with the green channel inverted. When the file is open in Photoshop, come back to crazy bump > click on the save button > Copy normals to clipboard > then go to photoshop and press CTRL+C. This will paste our details over our original normal map using a new layer . Then set the mode of the new layer as : Overlay , and this is what you should have :


65. Save the file as Normals_texture in the same format as we did for the diffuse texture. Now let’s go back to our PSD file. Load it into Photoshop (and I hope that you have save it). And now we will create te specular map. The specular mape is the reflection map and a darker grey means a lower reflecion – a brighter grey means a higher reflection.
When we are creating a specular map, we can use the AO map too, because in the darker areas , the surface is not very reflective. W don’t have many things to modify here since our map is already made by dark/white colors. If you have a colored texture, make it black and white and ajust the colors. Now just lower the oppacity of the sidewall to 11% and save the file as “Specular_texture”, and use the same format as we have used for the other maps


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