How to import materials and textures in 3DS Max

This is a very short tutorial. I will explain how you can import vray materials/textures in 3DS Max from so let’s start because we have some work to do :

1.We will start with a material. After you have download it, open the “material editor” in 3ds max then click on “get material button” … A window will appear; check the little box from “Mtl Library” then click on “Open” button.

2.Now you can choose the material that you want to import in 3ds max.

3.Now you can see the material is in that column. You can double click it or drag it into a material slot and then you can use it how you want

4.Now for the texture… it’s almost the same thing. Download a texture from … then use the same steps like 1, 2 & 3. After you have made those steps, maybe you will don’t see the texture which is on material, it look like a standard material. Check the “maps” submenu. In my example (a paved street) you can see that I need to reload all those textures … Diffuse, reflect, bump & displace.

5.I will start with the first (diffuse). Click on diffuse map slot. It will open the submenu. There you can see the image/picture/texture that you need to reload it. In my picture the name of the image is “vyonyx_street_005 TILE.jpg” so I need to reload this.

6.Click on that box with the name of the picture and then go to the folder where you have the material, search that image and press ok

7.Do the same thing for other map slots and when you finish it you can assign the texture . I hope that you have enjoyed this tutorial and don’t forget to put a comment.

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  • homayoon

    thanks . you have an efficient site for begginers .

  • Spring

    Thank you, this was very useful :)

  • gMachine

    Thanks a million for this website, it helps a lot. All the modeling tutorials are just amazing.. One request though, can you teach us how to apply materials to a car? There is no site which offers a good material tutorial. I modeled an audi & now i want to put a car paint. Can you help?

  • aienemnt

    Why most maps are at 100 and ticked?

  • arktiro

    Excellent work.

  • ansar

    thank you , I was looking for a tutorial like this.

  • very solid tutorial…but expecting a video for hands-on on 3dsmax 2013.

  • vray solid tutorial

    • Thanks :) . If you need help, you can used our new forum. There is a shoutbox so you can talk with us in real time.

      You need to be registered in order to see the shoutbox

  • chad

    When making (Editing) the materials in photoshop do they have to be save as a specific type?

    • What do you mean by “making the materials in Photoshop” ?
      You are making the materials in 3DS Max and the textures in Photoshop. The texture can be jpg , tga , tiff, or any other format. But I recommend tiff or tga :)

  • Sergiu

    Dar cum faci sa-ti ia automat mapele? Daca lucrezi cu 20 de materiale de exemplu si trebuie sa le incarci toate mapele, rand pe rand, e cam neplacut. Ma confrunt cu problema asta si nu-i dau de cap.

  • Paul

    Oh thanks alot!! ve bin waiting for something like this…

  • suchita

    Thanks for helping the beginners… you are doing great work….

  • me me

    thanks a million!!!

  • pedram

    I really appriciate your work.thank you very very much

  • Samantha

    What about 3dsmax 2015? I don’t have that window with ‘open’ option, so I can’t use my downloaded unzipped materials.
    Or maybe I’m doing something wrong, can U help me ?

    S. :)


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