How to create realistic looking grass and flowers in 3DS Max

Hi guys, I am C. Andrei and in this tutorial I will show you how to create a realistic grass with. We will Vray and Advance Painter and I think thats all about this tutorial. You can use method to create forests, crowds, grass with lots of details, etc. Let’s start :

1. We will start by making a grass blade . Make a segment with the same parameters as me : 10 as lenght and 0.5 as width. Don’t forget to add some lenght segments because we will bend the blade :

2. Now apply the texture on the blade. Go to the material editor (M) and pick a material.Press the “standard button” and choose “VrayMtl”.

3. When you are done, click on the “diffuse” slot > choose bitmap > and pick your texture (or the texture that I have provided. Then make these setting to your material for a better effect : Click on the “Reflect” colotr and replace it with the same color (you have the coordinates in the image) . Then at the “Refl. glossiness”, put 0.65. At this step you have the texture that you need to use it for the grass blades

4. Convert the plane (the blade) into an editable poly and make it like in the image :

5. Apply the texture on the blade and make 4 copies :

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  • michael

    it was great. and u have describe it very good. thank u!

  • papai

    Nice tut. Thank you.

  • GREAT work how do i put the back ground again?

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