Ford Escort – 3DS max car texturing tutorial

21. The next step will be to export that template that we have made, in order to apply some texture on it. To do this, in the “Edit UVWs” window, go to Tools > Render UV Template. A similar window will appear, like below. Do the same settings and if you don’t have a pc which can handle big resolution textures put a smaller resolution, like 2048×2048 :


22. When you are done, press the “Render UV Template” and the template should appear :


23. Save the file as .jpeg and now load it in Photoshop, or other similar software. Once the template is loaded in Photoshop, you need to create a texture over the template. Work with layer because if you need to modify something, it will be easier. Here you have the texture that I have created


24. Save the texture. This time save it as .tga and apply it to the car. I won’t explain how to create a car paint because there are several methods and this tutorial is about unwrapping and texturing. If you want, you can click HERE to download the same material that I have used. Once the material is downloaded, import it into the material editor (there is a tutorial on the website about how to do this is you don’t know. Once the material is imported :
Click on the Base Materials :


Then in the Diffuse slot choose Bitmap and pick the texture that you have created


25. Let’s move forward and create some cool headlights. If you are looking at some reference images, you will notice that on the interior side of the glass, there are some details. We won’t start to make those details but we will use some maps to make them. We will start by disabling the symmetry and meshmooth modifiers (if you have any) and add a unwrap UVW modifier above the “Editable Poly”


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