Ford Escort – 3DS max car texturing tutorial

16. This is how I have made the unwrap of the hood. The select polygons are those ones which are underneath the hood from the front part :


17. This step might help you alot. The selected polygons are from the interior side of the car’s body and I don’t think that you will apply a custom texture here and if there will be a single color texture, it doesn’t matter if we will hame some streches. So, in order to save some UV space and to have enough place to put the door there, I will overlap the uv’s.
a) First. I have the vertics from the interior part to the car’s body :



b) Then I have dragged the selected vertices over those ones from the right :




c) do the same thing for the rest of that part. Weld the interior sides and then drag the vertices until you reach the chamfered edges :


18. The next part that I have unwrapped, it was the door. I have assembled all those parts and put it at his place. By the way, never scale up/down just a single part, and the side polygons, I have overlaped like we did before:


19. And thats how the unwrap UVW works. Below you have some images with my unrapping template. The thing is that you need to be sure that you won’t have any stretches on the surfaces and try to make a template which will be easy to texture :
PS: this may take some time to be done. I have spent around 9-11 hours to make the unwrap, so , be patient if you want a nice result


20. Now, we need to put all those parts in the texturing square.
a) Put them in a way that you can find easy to texture :


b) Use the scale tool to make the surfaces bigger. Hold the ctrl button while you are scaling the surfaces and DO NOT make them bigger that the texturing square:


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