Ford Escort – 3DS max car texturing tutorial

11. There are those small parts that we have dragged to the interior of the car, to make the car seams rounded. Well, this is how I am unwrapping those parts :
a) First I’m looking for those parts :


b) I have checked if I needed all those polygons. The answer : NO, I wanted only those ones with a blue edge :


c)I have selected those ones which has a blue edge > right click > break (this will separate them from the rest – its like Detach)


d) Zoom in, and use the weld tool to weld the part :


12. And this is how the unwrap works. It might take a while until you will be used with this modifier/tool but you will get some awesome results at the end, even if it takes a while. Below I will show you how I have filled those holes from the fenders. Just make the same steps : look for those pieces from that part and weld them at their place.


13. You also need to think about this : will you apply a text or a complex texture on the fenders ? I am asking because if you will apply and if you are just welding the part from the step 12, here is what you will have :
– on the left side it looks perfect :


– but if you will turn the sideport view a little bit , this is what you will see :


14. So, if you are planning to add a custom texture on this part, play a little bit with the vertices to make the squares equal. I will do it because at the end of this tutorial I will make a contest for users and I need to give them the liberty to add any kind of texture on the car.
First I have placed the other missing parts on the fenders, because there are still some holes on it :


Then I have dragged down the top vertices of the fender’s arch and came up with this result, but as I have said, if you are planning to add just a single color on the fenders you shouldn’t bother with this :


15. Do the same thing for the rear fender


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