Ford Escort – 3DS max car texturing tutorial

6. Lets start with the side of the car. I have selected the entire side, then I have turned it to make my task easier. Then I have placed it in the texturing square :


7. And this is how it works. I have selected a part of the front side (some edges) , and as you can notice, there are some edges which became blue. This means that the part need to be welded with those edges on the main part (with the selected ones).


8. But before starting to weld them, let’s make a pattern material. So, open the material editor > choose a standard material > click on the diffuse slot > choose “Checker”


9. Apply the material on the car’s body and if you cannot see the checker pattern, adjust the “Tilling” amounts :


10. Ok, what’s next ? Well, the main goal is to weld the parts in the UV Editor but also to keep all those squares like they are. If one or several squares will became rectangular or another shape, this means that in that place, the texture will be streched. Let’t weld our first part:
As you have seen earlier, I have selected some edges on the front part, and some edges on another part became blue. I have dragged it near to the main part :


I have place it very close to the main body and I didn’t weld it because it has a round shape and the faces of that small part are on another axis and welding these 2 parts will result some small stretches in some parts


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