Ford Escort – 3DS max car texturing tutorial

Hi again to the last chapter of this tutorial. In this tutorial I will show you how to unwrap the car surfaces in order to create a texture them. To unwrap the car we will use the “Unwrap UVWs” modifier from 3DS max and to create the texture, we will use Photoshop, ori you can use any other similar software you want.
Before staring you need to think about it because you have 2 choices.

1. Unwrap only a half of the car – if you will unwrap only one side , and the apply the symmetry method on the ither side the textures will be mirrored and if you will have some text on the car, it won’t look very good. The best partis that you will save some size on the texture and it will be much faster. If you will choose this method, uwnrap just a half and apply the symmetry modifier
2. Unwrap the entire car – Unwrapping the entire car will give you some benefits. You can create a custom texture on each side. It will take more time than the first method and it will take more uv space, which means you to make the texture at a higher resolution and this is the method that I will use.

1. So, open the car that we have made in the first 2 chapter. Since I have choosed the second method, I will convert into an editable poly the car with the symmetry modifier on it and hide the other parts. Don’t forget to save your project in a different file. By the way, be sure that you will attach all parts like below :

1 - car-texturing-tutorial-3ds-max

2. Having the car’s body selected, go to the modifier list and choose “Unwrap UVW”. This is the modifier that we will use to unwrap the car:


3. Select the “Unwrap UVW” modifier, in the “Selection” tab press the “Polygon” button and select all polygons (you can simply select them by pressing the Ctrl+A buttons. Once the polygons are selected click on the “Open UV Editor” and you should see something like this :


4. Go to Mapping > Flatten Mapping and press OK. Like this, we will flat our surfaces and we will be able to merge and weld them.


5. Now the hard and long work starts. Pull out all those parts from the rendering texture :


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