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Andrei C. – Portofolio :



High Poly models

Braid-4RC-Rim-7 Braid-4RC-Rim Braid-4RC-Rim-3 Braid-4RC-Rim-4 Braid-4RC-Rim-6
demo2 render1 render2 render1-ford-escort_low_res render2-ford-escort_low_res
Audi_r8_cam-design_front1 Audi_r8_cam-design_front_hon Audi_r8_cam-design_Lof Audi_r8_cam-design_Lon Audi_r8_cam-design_Rear
wip wip2 Vertu_ti_render2 Vertu_ti_render3 Virtu_ti_render1

Mid Poly models

ZiS-2_render8 ZiS-2_render9 ZiS-2_render2 ZiS-2 ZiS-2
Steampunk_street_lamp1 Steampunk_street_lamp_1 Steampunk_street_lamp_1 3_steampunk_lamps_wireframe 3_steampunk_lamps
lamp4-wireframe Lamp-final-render1 Lamp-final-render2 Lamp-final-render3 Lamp-final-render4
modern_desk_3d_model-1 modern_desk_3d_model-4 desk_3D_model3 wardrobe-3d-model_2 wardrobe-3d-model_3

Low Poly models (I didn’t get the chance to make more, but I will)

Low_poly_cars_1 Low_poly_cars_2 Low_poly_cars_3 Low_poly_cars_4 Low_poly_cars_5
1 2 (2) 2 3 4
5 6 7 8 9
roadblock2_new2 roadblock2_new roadblock2_damage2 roadblock2_damage1 roadblock2_wireframe
roadblock2_damage_1 roadblock2_damage_2 roadblock2_new roadblock2_new_2 roadblock2_wireframe
electric_locomotive_series_42_render6_wireframe electric_locomotive_series_42_render2 electric_locomotive_series_42_render3 electric_locomotive_series_42_render4 electric_locomotive_series_42_render5_wireframe


Andrei C. – Tutorials made (from newest to oldest):


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