Chess set tutorial – Chapter 2 – Texturing

This is the second chapter of the chees set tutorial. In this tutorial I will show you how to texture it . I know that we have some tutorials about texturing, but we never have enough, in plus , this is made in 3ds max 2012 :) . So, let’s start
1. Open the project, that you have made in the first chapter.

2. I will apply a simple material on the pieces, so I will not unwrap them. I will unwrap only the board. Hide everything except the board.

Delete the polygons which are under the board. You will not see them in the render, so its useless to put a texture on them

3. Select the board, then choose “Unwrap UVW” from modifier menu . After that, select all of the polygons like below :

4. Having the polygons selected, click on the button called “Open UV Editor” , then go to Mapping, and choose “Flatten Mapping”

5. Press OK and you should have this :

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5 Comments on "Chess set tutorial – Chapter 2 – Texturing"

  • wow thats amazing tutorial

  • M.H

    The result is really amazing! cool ^^

  • Very good. How about creating those white blocks from glass? Could you show us?

    • the only thing that you need to change is the material . You can make your own glass material, and apply it to your object. If you don’t know how to create it , make a search on the web and you will find some glass materials for MentalRay and also Vray

  • PaŘaN

    How did you do glossy material on figurines it is PERFECT. PS:sorry for my english

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