Chess set modeling tutorial

Hi, in this tutorial I’ll show you how to model a chess set.This is the first chapter and the second chapter will be made by C. Andrei. Like all of our tutorials this is very detailed and I am sure that anyone will understand it. If not, we are all on the forum waiting for your questions
Basic skills are needed to follow (extruding, chamfering, welding,…)
Here’s what we will be creating,

Step 1:
We’re going to start by creating the chessboard first.
So, create a box with the settings shown in the image.
The number and size of the subdivisions will help us determine the position and size for our pieces.

When done, convert it down to an editable poly.

Step 2:
Let’s now give our board a better look.
under the polygon sub object level, select a polygon from the ones on the side, then hold shift and click one next to it (see image)

Step 3:
Extrude the selected polygons (make sure the type is set to local normal like bellow)

Step 4:
Select the four edges in the corners and chamfer them with an amount of 10.

do the same to the ones in the images bellow.

Now we’re done with the board, so freeze it (right click –> object properties, check “Freeze” and uncheck “Show Frozen in Grey” and click OK).
Now let us move on and make our pieces.

Step 4:
OK, we will make the Pawn first.
Start by creating a cylinder in the position and with the parameters in the images.

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23 Comments on "Chess set modeling tutorial"

  • Very nice tutorial,i realy like it.Hope to see more tutorials 😀

    • M.H

      Thanks, I’ll do my best.

    • can reply as fast as possible, .

      when press ‘alt+x’ becomes transparent, press what button onli can becomes normal?

  • aa

    ty very much, nice tutorial

  • saman

    hi,thank you very much because of this nice tutorial.
    I have a question, would you please describe how we use the 6th and 7th pictures of step 5.move? extrude?

  • M.H

    Hi saman,
    I’m glad you like this tutorial.
    In the step 5, im 6,7
    after selecting the edges you just drag them up while pressing Shift key
    then from the top view, you scale them out.

  • Niteesh Reddy

    I need da reference images for all da chess coins please

  • M.H

    Hi Niteesh Reddy
    The only reference image used was for the knight, and it’s posted in the tutorial.

  • Luqman

    Your tutorial is awesome but some of the pawn’s steps are useless for beginners like me as it only show the pictures.can you please describe more detail as I don’t know what to click and what to do.

  • M.H

    Hi Luqman,
    I’m glad you liked my tutorial…Go to the forum and ask any question you want,
    and I’ll be more than ready to answer.

  • iceman33221

    Very nice tutorial! well done. but one question. on step 4 the “radius” of the cylinder you put it on 18 😮 and on step 12 the radius you put it on 6 :S
    and you said it much be bigger that the pawn.

    which is the radius of the pawn so? i made it 5,5 on my that correct?

  • M.H

    Hi iceman33221,
    Thank you,
    It doesn’t matter the radius as long as the base of the rook is wider(a little bit) than the base of the Pawn.

  • iceman33221

    can you plz tell me what are you doing on the picture before “target weld”?(is one of the last pics of step 48 did you make a cap so you can “target” the 2 vertexs?

    because i make a cap with border but i couldnt target the 2 vertexs.

    sorry for asking here but i cant log in in the forum.

    • iceman33221

      *register in the forum

  • M.H

    Hi iceman33221,
    No problem at all, I’m here to help any time.
    it’s not a cap, you just select one of the vertices and click “Target Weld” then choose one of the other two vertices and they will be welded automatically. Then repeat the same thing with the other one.

  • iceman33221

    i close it and reopen it and did it. but in the pic that you have with the horse in color suddenly you have more polygons.insted of 2 you have 3.(when you make the target weld i mean. did you extract anything?or did you make any new vertex?

  • M.H

    Hi iceman33221,
    Yes you’re right I extruded the edges before welding the vertices.

  • FlyingSquirrel

    I’m having trouble with the pawn in this set because the picture of the specs says that it is 18 when on my board that is way to big. What am I doing wrong and how can I fix it?

  • PCWiz

    Can you post the finished products file

  • Kyle

    How did you do everything from img 17-26, can’t follow a tutorial if i don’t know what the person who made it was doing.

  • Kyle

    I mean like when i extrude the edges, sometimes it comes out in like 15 different directions and sometimes it doesn’t, there seems to be no difference in what im doing from the times it does and the times it doesn’t


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