Character modeling tutorial – Sackboy

14. Now, on the side view we cannot see how thick is the foot of Sackboy. Search on the web for some images with him to have an idea but if you want, you can do the same thing as me.

15. We will start to model the arms. We will model just a single one, then we will use the mirror tool to create the other arm. If you made what did I said when you made the holes for the arms, there shouldn’t be any problems when you will fit the second arm. Let’s start to model it. When I’ve made the images I have used a solid color to help you, but when you are modeling the character you can use a transparent mesh. Just to the same steps, pick the edges and drag them to the exterior by holding the shift key, if you want to follow the contour (and I think that you want) you should use the scale tool, like we did for the rest of the body :

16. Now it will be a little bit hard for those ones who are new here BUT, I will guarantee that practicing will make you way better so don’t disperate if you will have the same mesh, anyway, in the other tutorial when we will texture the model you can use our model. By the way, I have modeled this character before and I will not make his arm so wide (in the side viewport), I will make it a little bit smaller because I don’t like the result, but if you want you cand do it how do you want. So, we will model the fingers and I will post images for every finger :
We will start with the first one :

Now the second finger. I have attached some imges from several angles. Like this you can follow the same mesh. Try to make the same edges and the same polygons because at the final it will be easier to unwrap it :

17. This is the third finger. there are just the same steps as for the second one. Just take a look at these images and you will see how you should make your mesh

18. For the fourth finger, well, same basic steps like before :

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20 Comments on "Character modeling tutorial – Sackboy"

  • M.H

    Looks like a really cool tutorial.
    thank you

  • Very nice tutorial. :)

  • Cody Hughes

    please send video to help me make sackboy in 3ds max.
    picture tutorial to hard to follow for me simple mind.

  • Daniel


    I cant post this on the forum since the registry seems to be fubar, but its driving me insane, When making the holes for the hands, are you supposed to align all the vertices one by one first so both holes are 100% equal, or are you supposed to just take the vertexes that are “roughly” in the same area on both areas so that the holes while not being the exact same size is roughly the same?

  • micks

    really nice!!

  • Zombine

    How do you close the holes for arms, please help?

    • Please use the forum for help. Don’t forget to to mention at what step you have troubles. Attach an image if possible

  • yasser_qais

    sir … i have a prplm :(
    How do you close the holes for arms, plz help? !!!!!!!!!


      • Ruki

        i still cant find how to solve where to close the arm holes in forums =(

  • Ray

    Finished the model, some good tips and tricks to learn from this tutorial.

    Are you going to make an Unwrap UVW tutorial for this?


    • There is an unwrap tutorial about sackboy , but its on the premium page :)

  • Wow really great tut man! ^_^

  • VladOcs

    Awesome tut, and he’s so cute :)

  • Justin Guedes

    Awesome tutorial :D!!!

    Is there a blender version or can I follow this and it should be similar? And is there a video version of this?

  • bayu putra wicaksono

    i have a problem, when i was done until shoulder, i can move the border to go down anymore. its look like that locked. actually i dont do anything, thats an error? please help me :(


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