BMW 1 Series texturing tutorial

16. Select all those tiny parts, then pull out from that square.

17. Now we need to put those car parts into the square. Here you can them how do you want. First thin what kind of layout you will want to make the layout. After you have decided, choose the best method for you to arrange the faces. You can use scale, move, rotate. Here is mine

18. As I said, I will put all those little pieces in a corner and I will make all black. We shouldn’t see them in the render, but if we will see, we will modify. Thanks God that I have patience. I have change my parts positions because you need to use all your space that you have.

19. If we want to make a texture in Photoshop, we need to render these uvw’s. We will make a decent texture, 1500×1500. If you want bigger, or smaller, its your choice. It will be the same steps. In “Edit UVWs” window, go to Tools > Render UVs. A small window will appear. Like this one

20. Make the same settings as me. At width and height, put the size of the image, the rezolution. I will put 1500×1500 but if you want smaller or bigger you can put what rezolution you want. Below at “Mode”, choose “Solid”. Uncheck the box from “Show Overlap”. Here you have the settings

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  • Uzair

    Where i can found texture

    • what texture ? I you are talking about the car paint, you need to do it in Photoshop or another image editor software. This is why you used Unwrap UVW. Read the entire tutorial carefully. If you have more questions, we are on the forum

  • lo voy a probar
    wow, this excellent this tutorial, very fine and detailed, thanks

    • I’m glad you like it. If you need some help, we are all on the forum :)

  • mxr7

    nice tutorial but I got a question. what is the benefit of exploding uv into pieces? is it preventing uv stretch? could we just apply normal mapping directly without flatten mapping? thx

    • it will be easier to texture the car. If you want to make a different texture on the door (for example) you can do this , this is why you need to make each part . I don’t find a very good explanation right now but I am trying .Flattening the uvw will make them like some planes, without stretching them. If you will flat the UVW, the texture that you will be made it will be like a sticker for your car :) . I hope you understand. If you have more questions, please post them on our forum and we will answer at each one :) . See you on the forum.

  • Ma'moon Sa''eed

    thanks’ a lot for this tutorial
    But from were can I download this model

  • Ma'moon Sa'eed

    Thanks again
    but what about the wheels
    is there any tutorial for it or from where can i get it???

    • I think that I have found them on turbosquid, not sure . Take a loot there and if you don’t find them, I will send the file with the rims when I will be home (after 7 hours)

  • Muris

    Hi Andrei,
    very cool and step by step tutorial from you, thumbs up,
    i have learn a lot from both modeling and texturing bmw, I am beginer so surfing over the net for basic modeling tutorials I thsi site and it’s really good one,

    best regards,

  • I’ve followed the whole tutorial, included the BMW, but what i dont understand is this:

    You started with grouping the car with low poly’s
    Created a UVW map while it was on low poly
    coloured it in in photoshop
    applied the UVW map on the low poly car

    but then you used symmetry to get the mirror effect back on again and set the car on high poly.

    Whenever i do this, the render automaticly fails and the apply then just got destroyed and doesnt look the same anymore.
    And when i just UVW map 1 side with high poly’s, and start making a UVW map for it and then just “mirror” the other side, i get this ugly line in the center of car… so im kinda stuck :(

    Would be great if u could tell me what your secret is or what i exactly have to do to get it right.

    • If the render fails, it means that you have a problem with your computer’s memory. Sometimes I have it too, and it suck, now I am planing to buy a new PC, special for 3D graphics. Can you post an image with your “destroyed” texture ? To see how it looks :) . If you need a forum account, use the contact page and I will make you an account . Have a nice day

  • Dear Andrei,

    Thx for the quick response !, and i just figured out what i did wrong.
    the problem was this:

    I started grouping the car as 1 object
    used the UVW tool to make a UVW texture, applied it
    but then i ungrouped the car to use the symmetry tool, but on that point, the texture gets “rearranged”.
    instead, all i had to do was to NOT ungroup the car, and just select the symmetry tool again.

    I wanna thank you tho for this great tutorial, and i would love if you could check it on my website to see the result :-).

    heres a picture of what i meant with “destroyed” textures

    Car low poly grouped without symmetry:

    Car high poly ungrouped with symmetry:

    Cheers !

    • I just checked your website . The result is good :) . By the way , we have a contest on the website . If you want to be involved, check the home page :)


    Brilliant tutorial Thanks. One question how did you get the lights to look so good, I cant figure out what lights to use and where to put them.

    • Are you talking about the angel eyes ? or :-/ . If you are talking the angel eyes, well , I have used a material which is generating light. If you are using Vray, take a look on , you will find a material there … if you are using mental ray for rendering, search on our website the tutorial where I explained how to create a neon using mental ray .. Its the same thing :) . If you have more questions don’t hesitate to ask

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  • Awesome………….ela kiri……… maru……..kollo maru…..

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  • shinesee

    thanks a lot

  • krishnan

    hey…hhmmm .. sorry i cant watch the tutorial .. i even subscribed and logged in but still i cant see … plz help … thank you

    • you need to buy a premium membership which starts from 12$

      • krishnan

        hey … can u just upload your tutorial in youtube or some other website .. which is free for viewing ………. Thank you

        • Since I am the administrator of and the author of these tutorials, I guess that I deserve a coffee for the effort that I have made to make this tutorials :).
          And besides, the hosting needs to be paid, also the maintenance, etc. You won’t find such detailed tutorials somewhere else :)

  • mebton

    this is an amazing tuts

  • soniccube


    I paid for the Silver Membership, and changed my Paypal email in the Profile settings (as it is different then the one i registered here).
    Unfortunately i can’t watch the tutorial, any help ?

    Thanks Daniel

    • You have used another email address to pay for the membership and I tried to contact you using that email address, to ask for your username. Now it’s done, be sure that you are logged in :)

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