BMW 1 Series modeling tutorial

Hi. Let’s start another amazing tutorial. In this tutorial I will show yo how to model an BMW 1 Series (2008). This tutorial will be very detailed, like Audi TT tutorial. If you know the basics of 3D modeling then you should find this tutorial very easy to follow. You should know how to give a chamfer, an extrude, move an object in the center of viewport by putting all values from “Move” to 0. I will don’t say thousands of times “click on the little square from chamfer”, or “… from extrude” just “Chamfer the object with *value*” because you should know those things. At the end, don’t forget to leave a comment if you like this tutorial, or if you don’t like. :) Oh and I almost forgot >>> If you appreciate my work, please donate even a small amount of money to keep the website alive and like this I can post some video tutorials. Or you can help the website by visiting the banners / links from this website (in this tutorial there are a couple of banners, so you can visit them, and like that you can help the website). Below you have the result of my tutorial.

Like in the the other tutorial, I’ve made the starting file which can be downloaded from HERE (its for 3ds max 2009 – or newer version). But if you want, you can download the blueprints from HERE and you can put them how do you want.

Let’s start :

1. Open the “Start” file which you have downloaded. You should have something like this :

2. Now i will post only images and i will show you how to model it. I don’t think that is necesary to write at each step “hold shift and drag”. Because its the same thing until to the next step. Just follow the images, be sure that the vertex or vertices are in the same spot in every viewport and try to not make triangles on the project. If you to make your plane transparent, just press Alt+X. And one of the most important thing if you are a beginner, don’t forget to weld the vertices.

3. I have created the middle eges using Connect. Select all the vertical edges then connect them.

4. Continue with the basic modeling. First we will do the shape, then the details.

5. Use Connect to connect the same edges as me. Be careful to not move the edges.

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  • Devon Dickson

    Thank you so much for the amazing tutorial, it is the best one I’ve seen and it really helped me learn how to model cars.

    • you’re welcome. Don’t forget to post your work on the forum. We will be glad if all of you will help us to repopulate the forum :) . Btw, don’t forget to check the other tutorials :)

      • dogplane2500

        andrei for some reason i cant see this tutorial…it goes up to page 5 and stops and says i need to be a subscriber and which i am, i can view all the other premium tutorials but i cant see this one.

        Please help i would love to see this one!


        • pyrite


          I’m having the same problem. I paid my membership fee and am able to view other premium tutorials. For some reason, I can only see up to Step 5.

          I really enjoyed your Audi TT tutorial and would love to finish this one as well.

          Please advise.


          • Be sure that you are logged in when you want to follow the premium tutorials. The premium tutorials can be found on the Premium page. Don’t forget that at the bottom of the page there are the page numbers :) . You should click on the second page to move to the next steps. Don’t forget that you have the contact section on the right side (on the sidebar) and you contact me anytime.

          • pyrite

            Thanks for your prompt reply.

            Strange. I was logged in… I logged out and back in and can now view next steps.

            Thanks again for your informative tutorials. I am learning so much from you!

          • Maybe your internet connection was the cause. There weren’t any changes on the website who might cause this. Don’t forget that if you still need help, just let me know :). I’m glad that you like my tutorials. More to come soon.

  • Good tutorial but the screen was not clear !

  • lucky

    There is beautiful work and tutorials here.

    Most helpful! I’ve almost learned how to fish!

    I was wondering if you might explain your best practice for setting up the planes with the different views on them. There is more than meets the eye here and I know its important that all these planes and images line up correctly if your going to get an accurate model.

    thanks for help and considering this question.

    • I will post this week-end an article about this thing :) . If you need help or if you have more questions, we are all on the forum 😀

  • RadEugen

    Good tutorial! Thank you for your work! But I think that should not do so a detailed mesh from begining. In this case, is very difficult to control a smoothness of surface, especially when people just start learning to polymodeling and model will be not quite accurate. IMHO

  • Rid

    Best tutorial site ever. Whenever i need new tutorials I will check here first 😀 Thanx a lot these tutorials are great even for beginner idiots like me.

  • I can’t do this without bent polys!
    whenever i move the vertices it always messes up the polys and leaves them bent. Then I do a clay render and it looks soo horrible.


    • we have a forum . Make a picture to show us your problem and we will try to help you

  • Hello, the “orange light” (you mean the thing that glows red when you stop)

    It’s the Brake Light (also called a Tail Light (which glows when lights are on))

    The “Front Spoiler” usually is a “wing” in the front of the car that creates more “downforce” on the car, which pushes the car down. As for you calling it a “front spoiler” That’s called a front bumper. Same thing with Rear (back) bumper and spoiler.

    The yellow lights that flash when you turn, those are called blinkers.

    Hope this helped!


    • I know what’s the meaning of them :) but since I learned french, I forgot a lot of terms in english . Thanks anyway :)

  • oem

    I have to say you made good tutorial !

    Gotta one problem. I don’t understand point number 41…

    I can’t select only hood. If I choose “SHELL” from ‘modifer list’ this effect works on everything…

    Greetings from Poland

  • Bjorn


    Maybe it’s a weird question but im completely new to car modeling.

    at the beginning do you need to extrude or copy al the time or something ??

    i just can’t go further because i dont get it.

    • Rich

      lol select the vector then hold shit and drag the move icon – “red or green arrow” to ur desired position. am new to this too. but i think you should know some more basics before tackling this else you will suffer lol.

  • Ayrton Senna

    Hey brother.. Maybe for you good sharing but i dont think so..All is not usefully.. i crated an archive about 3ds max materialls but this is not rarly to add.. Let’s dont be lazy and go re-crate this subject(tutorial) with tutorial videos a to z..Not only with picture..Think im beginner and dont know all command in 3ds max and not understand anything about this picture.. but videos can be more educational..İf u not know any video recorder site i will be sent you.. i waiting ur answer..
    Not : if decided to creating video please dont be fast step by step start with 1 step (set blueprits with pixels,inc or cm or mm etc)

  • Excellent tutorial really simple to follow . I haven’t had that much of a look round yet but have you done a blueprint tutorial from Photoshop to max as i always have the problem of it not lining up by quite a bit. I cut the images from edge to edge but some times i still have the same issue of it not lining up. I am currently half way through this tutorial and its helped me out a lot. I have done a couple of car’s before but always got stuck but not any more :) . keep up the good work p.s do you know were to get a full size lorry (American truck cab) blueprint from?

    Thanks Matt

  • Michel Schweinsberg

    Damn dude, apsolutely outstanding tutorial. So detailed and comprehensive. You put a lot of time and work into this, for the benefit of others and you need applauded. I can’t wait to model throught this. You should build a site and make videos of this process, or even turn this into an e-book. I know for a fact I would have paid $50 for a tutorial like this. (I have paid over $100 or a good Solidworks tutorial before)

    Thanks again for your time and effort so that others can learn and become better! And what a great model!

  • markar


    I was happy that i found your amazing tutorial like 2 month ago. I have to say many thanks, it is good job. I was never really stuck, because tutorial is very clear to understand. So far i get to step 165, because i have got other things to do (work etc…) I modeled when I had the time and mood. So it happend that one nice friday evening, I noticed that tutorial is locked and available only for money! What a big disappointment. Only 35 steps and i would be done! Body of the car is almost complete… only some details, mirrors door handle and someting left to do, that I think I can make myself. But in these 35 steps are more details which are hard for me to do or I just dont know what needs to be done (some edges chamfered and this kind of things). I think I complete this tutorial and learn how is what made, than I start some other cars by my own. So can you please let me see the last 35 steps. I think that I am so far in this work that we can come to an agreement. And again very good job.

    • We are sorry for this inconvenience but instead of closing this website we decided to put a very small fee. We don’t make any profit, we only need money to pay the hosting company and maintaining the website, this is why the price is accessible for anyone. 3$ or 9$ is not such a big amount of money. In plus here are the best tutorials on the web, the most detailed and a friendly support on the forum. You can participate at the contest posted on the forum and I am sure that you can win a membership. You can try :)

      • markar

        Ok, I undersand. You earn this small fee. I am just thinking ( and hoping) that because I start when this was free I can finish it as well. It is shame that i missed contest, I was busy in work.

        • You are not the only one in this situation. Most of the users who had a similar problem like your, bought a membership. And if we will give a free membership it will be not fair.

          • markar

            Yes, that will be unfair. So never mind, i try it complete by myself. Thanks a lot, I learn much. 😉

  • driftmen

    Could you upload max file?

  • driftmen

    File with the finished car (.max) of the tutorial because it does not end for me and I want to preview out a few things in the final solution

    • the finished car is in the next tutorial “texturing the bmw 1 series” . Its not really the finished car, its just a half, because I have used the half of the car to make the texture and then I have applied a symmetry modifier. If you need the file , just buy a subscription and you will be able to download it from the tutorial abut texturing

  • razo97

    this is a very good tutorial. but, i can’t see the premium page. even if i had the money, I still couldn’t pay you guys because thee is no Internet payment way in where i live. so can you just send me the part in which you detach the parts of the car. thanks in advance.

  • yangcheng

    I am from chinese ,my english is not good ,I can not pay the money ,I very hope you can help me to learn .so if you can I hope you can help to learn this ,thank you very much .

    • Sorry but I can’t. It will be unfair for those who paid for a membership.

  • fluss01

    i can’t access the premium tutorial wich i just come to pay… is there an issue ?

    • Now you can access them but be sure that you are logged in when you are trying to access the tutorials. The membership are approved manually and when you have bought your membership I was sleeping . This is why wasn’t approved immediately :) . Sorry for late approval

  • nourdin_14

    how can i download all pages?

    • Whats wrong if you are following this tutorial from the website ? Honestly, this tutorial was premium until today, so you needed a membership (12$) to follow it and now that is free you want to download it ?

  • Luc

    Hi Andrei, How are you?
    Step 41, you use a SHELL. I don’t understand why you use it. Can you explain me please?
    Thank you,


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